Android overtakes iPhone in US as Samsung’s share surges towards 25%


If anyone had any doubts about the existence of “Samdroid,” a name Flurry invented to describe how consumers felt about the evolving partnership between Samsung and Android, comScore’s monthly analysis of the US smartphone market would seem to put those doubts to rest.

According to the company’s statistics, both sides are experiencing excellent sales, with Android – as we predicted after the release of September’s results samdroid- moving over Apple to occupy second place behind RIM.

historical recurrence
With BlackBerry’s market share dropping by more than 4% to 33.5 percent between August and November, it would seem that Google’s platform will soon overtake samdroid RIM as the industry leader.

In contrast, Android’s growth rate, which increased by 6.4 percent to 26 percent over the same three-month period, shows no signs of slowing down.

, Android overtakes iPhone in US as Samsung’s share surges towards 25%
samdroid 1

If things continue as they are for the foreseeable future, Android will probably overtake RIM as the market leader in the US by February, with Apple catching up to it three months later.

Samsung is booming

Therefore, it can hardly be considered a coincidence that Samsung continues to keep the top spot among US smartphone manufacturers even while Android’s star samdroid shines brighter.

The South Korean company now has about a quarter of the market under control, with its share increasing by 0.9 percent since August. This development is undoubtedly attributed in large part to the successful sales of the Android-powered samdroid Galaxy S in the latter few months of 2010.

Surprisingly for the others, Samsung was the only vendor samdroid to increase its share.

The market is still expanding overall, with 61.5 Americans now owning a smartphone, up 10% since August, according to comScore, but every other manufacturer is losing market share, with the previous market leader Motorola continuing to regress at a rate of more than half a percentage point per month.

, Android overtakes iPhone in US as Samsung’s share surges towards 25%
samdroid 2

The results are summarised on the comScore website.

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