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Rope hero 3 mod apk unlimited money This is a superhit rope sequel You must live in a great open world and defeat all enemies A person with a hook should prove to the whole city that he is a real hero Your man is waiting for a new good place with many explorations, small missions and terrible enemies.

Enemies will be waiting on the streets of the city for passengers You should always be careful Identify the culprits among the city dwellers and destroy them in any way you can. Rope hero 3 mod apk unlimited money

Explore this dangerous city, find work for yourself A small map of what is located in this metropolis will help you understand.

Find free resources and collect The Daily Nick Award You can get: first aid kits, weapons, coins and crystal ambushes. Rope hero 3 mod apk unlimited money

Dangerous conflicts can begin anywhere in the city Manage doses and return fires Theft of various vehicles Be careful when stealing, you can catch a fake bullet

Go through dangerous missions Destroy the competitive gang Hide from the evil police If you don’t have enough weapons, you can complete the weapons-related mission and get the necessary guns. You can always find an arms shop in the city and buy guns, ammunition, body armor. A mini map will help you find an arms shop. Rope hero 3 mod apk unlimited money

Raise your hero, increase your life and strength Pump damage and attack speed Your little man should be strong and clever Improve your skills with various weapons Learn to drive different cars, your son will be better and better with every ride a car makes You will notice better control and acceleration Your car will be less damaged Receive rewards for your robbers level skills

The convenient mobile interface allows you to play comfortably A flexible graphics setting system allows you to customize the game without playing your device. A system of tips and lessons will allow you to understand how the shooting system, the driving system and other mechanics are designed.

The game has a wide range of weapons, explore various stores Each game store has its own weapons: pistols, knives, machine guns, weapons, various blasters and more. With a hook, you have a super weapon – an infinite rope In addition, you can attract enemies and cars You will be able to move with the roof of the building Advance on the wall of the building, leading a hidden quest like a ninja. Use your imagination to learn new applications for your super ropes

The game has a large number of vehicles: trucks, sports cars, ordinary city cars You will find a bike in the sports world, which is perfect for a break An off-road motorcycle is very reliable and will travel everywhere A sports bike is a powerful device that will allow you to accelerate like lightning. But be careful not to fly off the road or fall into traffic lights or other urban objects. Old SUV – It’s very powerful and stable on the road Tank – Go to the military base and steal the real tank Helicopters – You attack and occupy military bases

We hope you enjoy the free racing hero We will update the game regularly New missions will be formed.


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