Ringtone Maker APK – create free ringtones from music


Ringtone Maker APK,create,free ringtones, Ringtone Maker APK – create free ringtones from music

Ringtone Maker APK is free application makes ringtones, alerts, and notices from MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV,AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR, MIDI records. Cut the best piece of your sound tune and spare it as your Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone.

Make your own one of a kind free ringtones is quick and simple. You can set the beginning and closure notes by sliding bolts along the course of events, by squeezing Start and End to record the point, or by composing in time stamps. This application is additionally a music manager/alert tone producer/ringtone shaper and notice tone maker.

You can likewise record your own or your children’s voice, and make them to ringtone or warning. Appreciate reminding you to answer the call with your youngster’s voice.

Highlights of Ringtone Maker APK :

Duplicate, reorder. (So you can consolidate distinctive music records without any problem.)

Blur in/out for mp3.

Alter volume for mp3.

Review the Ringtone records and allocate to contact Ringtone Maker APK.

View a scrollable waveform portrayal of the sound record at 6 zoom levels.

Set beginning and closure focuses for a clasp inside the sound record, utilizing a discretionary touch interface.

Play the chose bit of the sound, including a pointer cursor and auto looking of the waveform.

Play anyplace else by tapping the screen with Ringtone Maker APK.

Spare the cut sound as another sound document and imprint it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm, or Notification.

Record another sound clasp to alter.

Erase sound in Ringtone Maker APK (with affirmation alert).

Allot a Ringtone straightforwardly to a get in touch with, you can likewise re-allocate or erase the Ringtone from contact.

Sort by Tracks, Albums, Artists all in Ringtone Maker APK

Oversee contact Ringtone.

Default spare way, you can change at that point in setting of “Ringtone Maker”:

Ringtone: Internal capacity/ringtones

Warning: Internal capacity/notices

Alert: Internal capacity/cautions

Music: Internal capacity/music

Android framework is exceptionally delayed to refresh its music database, so it requires significant investment in the event that you simply download your music. You can utilize “Output” menu of “Ringtone Maker” to drive update.

Google Play Music can’t be show, as it’s covered up in unique way, other application can’t get to it.

Workaround : You can get to Google Music with the Chrome program on your telephone. Select the work area site. Select your ideal melody, click on the 3 dabs on the right. A window will spring up, giving you alternatives, including download to gadget. Download and afterward use “Ringtone Maker”. It will currently have the option to be found on your gadget.

Clarification for the authorizations:




Promotion organization need read telephone state and system state to show and improve there AD quality.



After you make the ringtone, there is a decision to appoint it to your contact. On the off chance that you pick this choice, the Ringtone Maker need to peruse your contact information and show them in the rundown, at that point you can allocate the new ringtone to someone.

Ringtone Maker won’t gather your contact data.

In the event that you despite everything have concern, if it’s not too much trouble use Ringpod. It’s equivalent as “Ringtone Maker”, yet doesn’t require Contact authorization.



After you spare another Ringtone, the APP need rights to compose it to your SD card.

Ringdroid and RingsExtended source code:

http://code.google.com/p/applications for-android/


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