Rich girl crazy shopping fashion game No 1 Best App


rich girl crazy shopping fashion game, Rich girl crazy shopping fashion game No 1 Best App


Rich girl crazy shopping fashion game Join the shopping craze with 6 beautiful girls of different races! This dress app offers about 200 virtual clothing items, hairstyles and accessories. Put together a new look for the doll: glam, trendy, class, traditional, imagination, casual or other.

Rich girl crazy shopping fashion game

These beautiful women are incredibly rich and don’t worry about increasing their credit cards! With the great sense of fashion and style, these fashionistas take the best place to shop and the most expensive beauty salons.

Like other fashion games, there is no in-app purchase, and you can’t spend any real money here. It’s really a free dressup game This is also true for all our other makeover / cosplay apps Just follow the “More Games for Girls” link for our new styling game.

Train your skills and tastes as a costume designer Look at Sikhs and other people in a way that reveals themselves, which shows their inner personality and uniqueness. If you are into young people’s urban attire, be sure to check out “College Students”, “High School”. Download “Beauty Queen”, “Prom Night” and “Wedding Model” for more glamorous accessories, models and celebrities. Rich girl crazy shopping fashion game

Unlock your inner shop and imagine that you are a top supermodel or celebrity (famous actress, superstar movie, pop icon, or reality show star)! Try different outfits and differences with each glam doll


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