Retro Bowl: Tips to help you own the gridirion


, Retro Bowl: Tips to help you own the gridirion
retro bowl poki

Tips to help you own the gridirion from Walkthroughs Retro Bowl
Colin Mieczkowski | 6/8/2015 | iOS + Android Tips for owning the gridiron in the Retro Bowl
Pass, run, and succeed in winning retro bowl poki.

Retro Bowl is a retro-themed version of the popular American football game from New Star Games. To be honest, if you love football, this game is a mobile masterpiece. The best thing is that it’s free, thus it was rightfully featured in our most recent list of the top free games for mobile devices as a result.

It is mainly modelled on the NFL even though it isn’t an official licenced game of the league. Each club wears uniforms with the same colour scheme and city logo. The absence of team names and NFL players is the only retro bowl poki thing that makes this unusual.

The ability to manage your franchise and use it to play on the field is one of Retro Bowl’s interesting features. You’ll need to sign free agents, draught players, and make deals, among other things. The gameplay is excellent while while being straightforward. While the kicking, sprinting, and passing are satisfying, they do need quick thinking.

Here are a few Retro Bowl pointers that you may apply on and off the retro bowl poki field.

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