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Repostgram Helps you repost photos or videos while keeping the credits simple.

B. Shistya
Re-post photos and videos with watermark (credit) or watermark.

  • Supports report with caption

How to use. Repostgram

  1. Open the Instagram app (click on the icon in the action bar to open it quickly)
  2. Click on the three dot icon and click on the share link or click on the share link for the “Repost for Instagram” shortcut on the share panel.
  3. Start reposting the app

In order to respect the rights of Instagram users, you should credit the creator of the main content that you have permission to use your photos / videos.


  1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram
  2. The sole responsibility of the user is to ensure that any unauthorized activity or copyright infringement of photos / videos and / or intellectual property rights. |
  3. Respect the rights of Instagram users


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