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redbox apk RedBox – Network scanner allows you to scan small and large networks and retrieve many information about the connected devices, like the IP and MAC addresses, the vendor and the operative system. You can also make simple port scans for local and remote hosts. redbox apk
The RedBox’s Intruder Detector is useful to detect unknown hosts that try to connect to your home network, through a simple scan, and notify to you the results of the detection. You can decide if a host is safe or not. redbox apk

You can also use other network tools like:
– Ping: send an ICMP packet to a host and check if it’s up.
– Traceroute: track the route of a packet you send to a target.
– IP calculator: calculate subnets, network addresses, broadcast addresses and netmasks.
– Whois: give you information on a domain. redbox apk
– Arp table: you can access to stored arp table on your phone. redbox apk

Limitations in Android 10:
– Arp table is no longer accessible. redbox apk
– Intruder detector can scan only when GPS is active. redbox apk

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