Among Us colors and common traits explained


Someone could wonder why we are writing about the Among Us hue. Stay a while and pay attention. In 2020, the video game Among Us received high praise and skyrocketed in popularity. If you’ve ever played a game, it’s simple to understand why the game received millions of downloads. No matter how many times you play it, red among us the game always feels new because to its deduction and perceptual features.

However, there is usually more to a game than first appears. Each player has the ability to design their character, and it has been widely conjectured that particular hues in Among Us have special meanings (like the Red is evil memes we are all too acquainted with). However, is Red really sus? And why, when he’s truly killed me twice in one game, red among us is Green always a Crewmember? Read on to learn more about the colours used in Among Us and what they represent!

, Among Us colors and common traits explained
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However, not all of the game’s 18 colours can be actively chosen and personalised by the players. I’ll go into more detail about them below, red among us so look at that!
Red \sGreen \sBlue
Black \sWhite
Cyan (Light Blue)
Lime (Light Green)
Brown \sPink \sOrange
Purple \sRose
Coral \sGray
These are the primary hues. Players cannot actively choose the following 2 additional colours, however they are still present in the game:

When a player has just connected, Tan Fortegreen is utilised in red among us the green and displays the player’s name as “???”. Developers published a graphic ranking the popularity of each colour in a Tweet earlier this year, which you can view below.

, Among Us colors and common traits explained
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Has Red always been there in We?
Contrary to what many people think, Red is not always the fraud. Red has been portrayed as the primary impostor in numerous memes and posters, although this isn’t actually the case. Equal chances exist for each colour to be the good guy (or the bad guy, red among us depends on how you see it).
The general consensus is that Red was picked as the impostor because of its hostility to Green, which is frequently depicted as the primary Crewmate – but this is not always the case.

, Among Us colors and common traits explained
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The covert colour among us is blue.
Red and Blue are in the opposite boats. They may only try to help people and use everything to their advantage while carrying out their (often cunning) plan because they are usually never suspected. Although they could be entertaining, never really red among us put your trust in a blue because they are quite skilled.
Green Green, who frequently requests emergency meetings, is a perceptive person with a penchant for being devious. They are frequently singled out as impostors and may even be expelled on this basis. They know exactly what to do and red among us how to influence events in their favour when they are left on their own, though.
Pink, who was perhaps the first casualty
Pink doesn’t always appear to be a threat, therefore many players simply eliminate Pink at the first opportunity. Whether they are a Crewmate or an Impostor, they frequently leave first.
Orange is the colour of the coin toss among us.
There is no middle ground when playing with an Orange; you either get the best player in the world or the worst. They might be the most peaceful or aggressive impostor you’ve ever seen, yet they might also have some really good logic. Definitely red among us one to keep in mind!
The lone wolf or leader, often known as Yellow
Sometimes yellow players don’t leave the best impressions. They tend to avoid everything and everyone and are rather isolated. Whether they are a crewmate or a fraud, Yellow is virtually never the first to go; in fact, some people could even be unaware that a Yellow even exists!

, Among Us colors and common traits explained
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Most popular among players: Black
It’s likely that you would choose Black 7 out of 10 times if you had to choose a hue while closing your eyes. Players more often mistakenly believe Black to be the impostor than they actually are! They occasionally survive, although that is extremely uncommon. red among us Regardless, they are always fashionable!
Players that play White White, the failing detective, are either watching cameras, trying to sabotage, or just loitering in the vents. Unfortunately, they frequently get benched first because they don’t always follow instructions. There are those players who will occasionally stun you with their deft skill, but those moments are few and far between.
Purple, the fake Susan
In some ways, Purple is extremely similar to Red; yet, even if red among us they are imposters, they hardly ever come under suspicion. They have been depicted as one in a few promotional videos, which was sufficient to create the groundwork for this fictitious romance.
Even if they are a fake, Brown Brown, the dependable friend, is usually always a wonderful guy. They are approachable but not overly chatty, helpful but not intrusive, and they are aware of their surroundings (except when they get killed). But as soon as they stab you in the back when you least expect it, all that pretence rapidly disappears!

, Among Us colors and common traits explained
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Cyan, alias “the pro,”
Nearly all of the Cyan players I’ve encountered are really skilled at the game. They are aware of their responsibilities and make sound decisions every time. red among us As long as they are actually a part of your team, it’s like having a small brain there. Don’t call them blue either.
Lime: The poisonous side of cyan
Lime players have similar skill sets as Cyan players. But they do it in a way that makes you want to throw them out the window and into outer space. red among us If only they hadn’t put in so much effort to attain their position… Of course, there are also regular limes, but they are uncommon!
These are all the colours in Among Us, in conclusion. Which one do you prefer? I’m always a Brown or Purple player, myself. I wholeheartedly concur with the Red is sus statement (if you know, you know)!

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