Recover Bin Apk: Trash for Android – Restore Photos


Recover Bin Apk, Recover Bin Apk: Trash for Android – Restore Photos

Trash for Android, its operating principle is the same as the trash under iOS or the trash under Windows

Have you accidentally deleted important photos or videos from your phone?
Looking for a tool to recover lost photos and videos?
Ask nothing, please install Recover Bin to avoid losing files due to accidental deletion. Recover Bin can capture all deleted files, then you can quickly recover important files or permanently delete files with few clicks.

Not only can it act as a recycle bin, but it can also scan your device thoroughly to recover photos, videos, PDFs and lost sounds. The advanced hidden file scanner can display and restore most of the lost files and restore them to their original quality.

Note: you can try our free app before purchasing the professional version.
Free waste collection

Customizable basket
Organized trash cans, with many customization options. The classification view will help you quickly find the correct file to restore.

Deep scan recovery
Scan the device for deleted files. Find them and restore them in a few clicks. Note: Some deleted files can never be recovered.

Instant recovery
In most cases, files will be added to the trash within a few seconds of being deleted. For larger files, this may take longer. But the final document will be thrown in the trash.

Automatic deletion
Automatically delete the trash. Solve and forget! Your waste will not be stacked with the recycling bin.

Library of recovered files
With Recover Bin, you won’t have to scan the entire file system to find the restored files. All restored files are easy to access and are sorted using different sorting options.

Share deleted files
You can share all files in the trash without having to restore them.

Preview of recovered files
View the recovered photos in full screen mode, play the recovered videos in original quality as much as possible, preview the lost PDF files and listen to the unwanted audio clips. All the excellent preview features will help you restore the correct file immediately.

Beautiful subject matter
Your style. Choose the right palette for your eyes. Selection of important themes.

No paid ads and hidden features
The installed user will unlock all functions. There is no ad SDK or tracking software. Totally safe and transparent strategy.

Do you want to translate “Recover Bin” into your language? Contact us.

Download Recover Bin now as insurance for important photos and videos!


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