Rare and exclusive rewards are available today in Free Fire MAX, know how to get free


Rampage United campaign is currently going on in Free Fire MAX. Under this, many events have been added to the game, where players can get many types of rewards by participating. The game developer has also released this month’s event calendar, where you can know about the upcoming events in the game.

We are here to tell you about the events present on Free Fire MAX today, June 21, 2022. Here you can get tons of legend and rare items by completing some easy missions.

Free Fire MAX free rewards today (22 June 2022)

Rampage United: Under Free Fire MAX’s new Rampage United campaign, you’ll get a free Aqua Rogue Bundle as you advance in the game. Along with this, the 7-Day Sign In event has also started here. Here you will get new rewards for logging in daily. These rewards include:

  • 10x Rampage Book Token
  • 500x Gold
  • 20x Rampage Book Token
  • Rampage Solar Avatar
  • 20x Rampage Book Token
  • Rampage Solar Banner
  • Storm Basher

Hyperbook Top Up: In this top-up event of Free Fire, players will get Rampage Hyperbook on recharging 100 diamonds. In this book, players can get rewards like Hybrid Explosion Backpack, Grenade – Hybrid Explosion, Hybrid Explosion Loot Box, Goo Wall- Electro Burn and Katana – Hybrid Explosion. The event started on June 18 and will be active in the game till June 23.

New BR Rank Season: This event also started with the new BR Rank Season in Free Fire MAX. It will be active in the game till June 23. During this you will get rewards for playing BR Rank Match. These include rewards such as Crystal Energy, Scan Playcard, Bounty Token Play Card, 20x Rampage Book Token, Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate and Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Crate.

Booyah Challenge: The Booyah Challenge event is also currently active in Free Fire. It will be live till June 24. During this you will be rewarded for achieving Booyah in BR or CS Mode. These prizes include- Crystal Energy, Weapon Royale Voucher and Rampage 2020.

Watch to Win: A new Watch to Win event kicks off today, June 21, on Free Fire MAX’s Booyah app. Here you will have to watch the game stream for 60 minutes, in return for which you will get rewards like Wiggle Walk Emote, Phantom Executioner Top and Superstar Weekend Bottom. This event will be active till June 24.

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