Action Tower Defense codes (July 2022)


Updated on July 24, 2022 – New codes checked
Playing Tower Defense games may be a lot of fun, especially as the challenge rises. One of the games is Action Tower Defense from Roblox. However, it random blooket codes could be challenging and upsetting if you can’t defend your base at more advanced stages.

We have compiled a tonne of the most recent and working Action Tower Defense codes for your convenience. You can improve the smoothness and excitement of your random blooket codes games by using these codes.

You are tasked with protecting your castle in Action Tower Defense from irrational aggressive hordes that are out to seize it by using a variety of weaponry to random blooket codes keep them at bay. You can obtain an advantage with weapons, goods, and more by using the codes in this page.

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random blooket codes, Action Tower Defense codes (July 2022)
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Active Action Tower Defense codes
50 jewels and 500 coins for the haunted house.
50 gems and 500 coin upgrade for newskill
500 coins, 16 to 50 jewels,random blooket codes
newweapon – 500 coins and 50 gems for likes 50000 – 40k likes for Gems and Coins 100 Gems & 1000 Coins as rewards
ShowMeTheGem – Prizes: 100 Gems
ShowMeTheMoney 1,000 Coins as rewards
newtowers for expired codes 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
newpity 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
rewards in chapter 8: 500 coins and 50 gems
lunarnewyear: Happy New Year with Gems and Coins 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
christmas 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
december 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
thanksgiving rewards: 100 Gems and 1000 Coins challenge 50 Gems & 500 Coins as rewards
halloween 50 Gems and 500 Coins as rewards 30k 50 Gems & 1000 Coins as rewards
Staff: 50 Gems & 500 Coins for friends4ever – Reward: 25,000 likes – Rewards: Daily Reward of 50 Gems and 1500 Coins 50 Gems and 500 Coins as rewards
InfiniteReward 50 Gems and 500 Coins as rewards Rewards: random blooket codes 50 Gems and 1500 Coins for 20K.
Cosmetic \sWeapon
AFK \sLikes
Hit15K \sRewardLikes
50 Gems and 500 Coins for 10K HauntedSwamp Likes
50 Gems, 1,500 Coins, and 6,500 Likes
4,001, 1,500 Coins, 50 Gems, and 100 Gems UpAndComing Likes
500 coins and 50 gems total 2500.
Visits random blooket codes
500 coins and 50 gems for 1,000,000 Infinite coins and 100 gems for 2,000 coins
50 Gems & 1500 – 1500 Coins Likes
Likes: 1000–150 Gems 600–1,500 Coins & 50 Gems
150 Gems for ActionTowerDefence
100 Likes for 100 Gems
100 to 150 Coins & 50 Gems Members
Visits for 300–500 Coins and 50 Gems
Visits for 100K to 1,500 Coins
1,500 Coins for 10,000
Likes 600 – 1500 Coins and 50 Gems – Infinite – 2000 Coins and 100 Gems
Visits: 100 Gems UpAndComing – 1000 Coins Hills – 1000 Coins
50,000 to 1,500 Coins
How can Action Tower Defense codes be used?
the gear icon on the left side of the home screen when you first launch the game.
Take one of the active list’s codes and paste it random blooket codes within the box.
Click “confirm” to get the treats.
How are additional Action Tower Defense codes located?
We often update this page on our website with new Action Tower Defense codes, so you can always come here to find them. Keep us bookmarked for quick access and use the codes as soon as you can before they run out. In addition, random blooket codes you can follow the official Twitter account.
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