Queen play the game No 1 Best App


queen play the game, Queen play the game No 1 Best App


Queen play the game The most beautiful boy in the school has told you his promotion date and you are right Can’t wait! Start planning – you’ll get the right prom dress and get ready for the big night! Will you and your beloved boyfriend be chosen as Promo Queen and King?

The highlight of the year has come – school promo! Let’s get started – you have a ton! From getting a full makeover, to styling your hair like a promo star, choosing a magical outfit, no time to ruin you! Choose what you want your great entrance on the red carpet! Queen play the game

Choreographed your wonderful promo dance! Dress your boyfriend in a cool towel! We feel that you will both be the prom queen and the king!

Features Features: Queen play the game

It’s almost school promo! Get a killer makeover and feel like a beautiful promo queen!
Don’t forget about a manicure! Choose a beautiful nail polish color and accessorize your hands with a wonderful ring and bracelet.
Complete your look with a fantastic hairstyle! Will you let your hair down or go for a class updo?

Now for your dream lover – wear him in a fab promo tox! They will look more beautiful than before!
Being a little nervous for a promotional night? Relax and pump in the spa!

Promotional late at night! Your beautiful boyfriend Coates has arrived at your door!
It’s time to dump her and move on! Choose your preferred mode of transportation – will you ride a horse under a red carpet? Or a magic card? A VIP limit? Fly by helicopter?
You have always dreamed of being a promo queen and king! Now is your chance!

Talk about town – like a real celebrity, show on the school gossip channel!
The dance hall looks absolutely fantastic – because you designed it! What music would you choose? What kind of light do you want? Lots of choices!
Choreograph your own dance, and show off all your new dances in the dance hall! Dance away at night with your boyfriend
You can also watch a video of your dance to see how you and your boyfriend did!


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