QuadNB Apk 2020


QuadNB Apk, QuadNB Apk 2020

Are you exploring mountain biking? Bring your own mobile track assistant for the bike!

New content for the 2019-2020 season * ****

  • Zoom the map closer than before when moving to improve accuracy
  • Choose the area to download in HD to better control the size of the application
  • Personalize your application account with personalized photos and names
  • Choose the friends you want to see on the map (they must agree in advance to share their location with you)
    -Improved performance and user interface

The New Brunswick All-Terrain Vehicle Federation (FVTTNB) puts an improved version of its web application in your pocket to give you a better driving experience than ever. By using and not using mobile data coverage, you can take advantage of the app’s functionality wherever you are.

This application allows you to access the following * offline * functions anytime and anywhere, even in areas not covered by cells:

-With the help of the GPS signal from your phone, you can check your position on the map
-Display nearby restaurants, service stations, hotels, parking lots and other services

  • Access tracking conditions based on the last available data connection
    -See the distance between you and a specific point
    -Save and load routes quickly

Back to the area with mobile coverage? Take advantage of these additional * online * features:

-Follow the latest off-road situation at any time to get the best driving experience

  • Easily meet your friends by sharing your location (no one can see your location)
  • Plan an itinerary and share it with your team

Welcome to the QuadNB mobile experience and enjoy the trip!

-Continue using GPS and location sharing in the background will significantly increase battery consumption. It is recommended to deactivate it when there is no need to improve the autonomy.

  • ** With this purchase, you can access the latest information on the NBATVF track for the 2019-2020 season. The 2020-2021 season will have to be bought out. **


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