PSPad: Mobile PS4 Dualshock Gamepad no1 best apk


PSPad: Mobile PS4 Dualshock Gamepad


The PSPad gives you the possibility to use your smartphone as a dual shock controller for your PS4. Do you need your second dual shock gamepad to play multiplayer games on your PS4 *, your dual shock gamepad is broken and you need to replace it quickly, do you want to use Android controller on your PS4? In fact, the PSPad is the right app for you

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Hardware recommendations

A wireless internet connection with your PS4 is strongly recommended
Smartphones should be connected to 5GHz Wi-Fi for minimum delays
A high speed internet connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.

The PSPad connects to your PS4 via remote play protocol The PSPad allows you to remotely control any game station 4 game that supports remote play. Control your game with GTA V, Fortnite, Crash Bandicoot, The Last of Us, FIFA and many more with your smartphone.

Main characteristics characteristics

  • Easy connection setup
  • Use PSPad as a virtual dual shock controller for your PS4
  • Send all connected Android controllers to your PS4
  • Create various controller button mapping


  • How PSPad works, do not use remote play while using PSPad
  • You cannot connect multiple PSPad apps to your PS4 at the same time
  • To connect a controller to your PS4 while using the PSPad, you need a second PS4 profile.
  • Connections can only be made via Wi-Fi

The PSPad connects to your PS4 via remote play protocol The PSPad will only work on applications and games that support remote games (almost all games support remote games). As soon as the PSPad is connected to your PS4 via the remote play protocol, the PS4 sends audio and stream data to your smartphone. Although audio and video are not displayed, PS, PSPad accepts data that may affect your Internet traffic, so please keep this in mind.

Problems with PSN login
This problem only affects PS4 firmware 7.0 or later users where you need to have a PSN login to get your PSN-account ID. Recently, some users reported problems while logging in to PSN If you have trouble logging in to your PSN account, tell me your PSN username and I will get the PSN-account ID for you. You can write me an email and I will try to reply as soon as possible More information here:


If you have any problems or suggestions for your improvement, please contact [email protected] I will try to answer as soon as possible All information about the PSPad can be found here:

  • Please note: If you want to use PSDP as a gamepad in addition to your actual dual shock controller, you must have at least a second PS4 guest profile on your PS4. The actual dual shock controller must be connected to a PS4 profile that is not currently used by the PSDP remote play session, otherwise the PSPad will be disconnected.

Rejection: PS4, PlayStation 4, DualShock and PSN Sony Computer Entertainment in. Is the trademark of The PSPad is in no way affiliated with Sony Computer Entertainment Incors or any affiliated affiliate company, logo or trademark.


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