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Princess doll fashion dress up Every girl has a doll and we decide to increase our game collection for girls with more fashion games and the first one is called Princess Doll Fashion Dress Up. This time it’s about extraordinary dress-up games because you’ll turn your princess doll into a street fashion style. Maybe your princess wants to try some new clothes and accessories and she needs your help to match everyone and make your doll look beautiful!

In all the princess fashion games you have to wear different costumes for the princess. This time your doll needs the advice of your fashion expert because it is a new style for the princess and she wants to impress the princess as well as the street style fashion.

Princess doll fashion dress up

Start one of the best dress games of 2015 by changing your hair All fashion experts know that hairstyles are very important! Choose different hairstyles for your princess doll and you can try more colors like gold hair or brown hair or what do you like. Don’t forget that it should look great! Then you have a big closet to choose different and colorful outfits for your princess doll. Blouses and shirt pants and skirts – all kinds of clothes are in our closet from our fashion games. Only your fashion game skills will determine what the doll will wear to the princess! Combine the colors and patterns of all the outfits from the biggest dress up games!

Accessories are also very important in all fashion games: purses and shoes or beautiful jewelry will make your doll look beautiful. Try to find the right mix between your chosen outfit and shoes, or look for accessories and results like necklaces or earrings: Your princess looks amazing!

We hope you love our fashion game and that you like to play this kind of dress up game. Please share your thoughts on this and if you like it, please rate it!


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