Pokémon Go teams up with Amazon Prime Gaming to bring exclusive in-game goodies to Prime members


Just in time for May Community Day and Pokémon Go Fest 2022, Niantic and Amazon’s Prime Gaming have teamed up to offer plenty of in-game goodies to fans of the popular augmented reality game. In example, starting today, Pokémon trainers with Prime memberships prime game can get a tonne of additional goodies every two weeks.

With the first package of Pokémon Go including 30 Poké Balls, 5 Max Revives, and 1 Star Piece, Amazon Prime subscribers have even more incentive to play the game. Go to the Pokémon Go Prime Gaming Page and choose your preferred offer if you’re anxious to get your hands on those exclusive items to get a head start on the May 21st Pokémon Go May Community Day.

For Pokémon Go players who want to use the code online, go to the official redemption website. Make sure you use the same login credentials you use for your Pokémon Go account to log in. Enter your code; then, look out for a notification telling you that your things have been successfully redeemed and added to your prime game inventory.

, Pokémon Go teams up with Amazon Prime Gaming to bring exclusive in-game goodies to Prime members
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Android users should tap the Poké Ball Menu on the map and select the Shop symbol to enter a code within the game. Enter your promo code there, then redeem. Easy-peasy!

On the Google Play Store for Android smartphones as well as the iOS App Store, Pokémon Go can be downloaded. The game is available for free but features in-app purchases. You may also go to the game’s official website to learn more about it, or you can follow the account on Twitter to remain up to speed with all the most recent prime game news.

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