Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Download 1.135.3 For Andriod (Immortality)


Prey Day Survival Mod Apk: Join thousands of online players as you get stuck in post-apocalyptic cities, where only a few zombies roam the streets and survive. Trapped by the surrounding zombies, you need to find a way out of the current situation and further defend yourself from zombie attacks.

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Prey Day Survival Mod Apk, Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Download 1.135.3 For Andriod (Immortality)
Prey Day Survival Apk

The Story Of Prey Day Survival Mod Apk

In the game, players enter the world in the apocalyptic future. The year is 2033 and humanity is about to end with the latest outbreak of an unknown virus that has turned most of our population into a monster-free monster.

As one of the lucky survivors, players will have access to a survival game with many interesting features to explore. Join the whole open world with a variety of online players as you all get involved in its ultimate safety challenge.

Start walking around the area to investigate the movements of the zombies and get some food or supplies. Build your own fortress to defend against zombie attacks. Reach other survivors if you decide to escape hell or fight the zombies if you join forces. The city is yours to explore.

Prey Day Survival Mod Apk, Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Download 1.135.3 For Andriod (Immortality)
Prey Day Survival Apk
NamePrey Day Survival Apk
Size68 MB + 332 MB
Update1 day ago
Requires4.4 +


Discover the many interesting adventures of Harbortown

Go on a survival journey through epic adventures through Harbortown. Join the many interesting stories and choose to win some prizes to collect special prizes. As a great city to explore, you will have access to a variety of stories and adventures. Travel around the neighborhood, metro, mountains, etc. If you are looking for the following challenges.

A completely open world that you can explore

And to talk about it, there are many interesting features to explore in the massive open world. Here you have full access to all the props and objects attached along the way. Encourage your family to hunt prey, use the liver to destroy the lock or fight the zombies, interact with various objects around you to find hidden items, and more.

Play For Free

Despite all these great features, the game is free for all Android Android players. Therefore, you can easily install it on your mobile device without paying anything. Just find the game in the Google Play Store and enjoy it after downloading.

Making the game is not that difficult in our trend

For those of you looking for a slightly challenging game, you can pick up our modified version of the game, which offers more interesting features. That said, you will now have fewer problems in a hunger-free fashion. Allows you to perform many tasks without having to worry about running your characters. All you have to do is download and install the Prey Day Survival Mod APK from our website.

Visibility and sound quality

The Graphics

Immerse yourself in the thrilling survival challenges of this very dark and dangerous city. The creators have done a great job of creating immersive environments in which to immerse themselves in the world of zombies and endless challenges. In addition, stunning 3D graphics and stunning visual effects will fully connect you to the game.


Find yourself immersed in the beautiful world of Prey Day Survival, explore precise sounds and powerful soundtracks.

Final verdict

Fans of Dawn of Zombies and the popular Day R Premium are sure to enjoy the thrilling survival challenges of Prey Day Survival. Find yourself fully connected to the invasive world with many interesting aspects to explore. 

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