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prepathon, Prepathon No 1 Best App

Prepathon Oheyo is a video Q&A platform that allows you to connect to channels and ask experts questions. You can connect to channels of your interest and get expert guidance from experts.

Our unique platform allows experts to send your knowledge directly via video. Prepathon

How it works:
Connect to the channel of your interest There are channels for a variety of topics, and the list is always expanding Ask a question on the channel Experts will be asked questions immediately

Get a video answer to your question! The answer can also be seen by other members of the channel Prepathon

Sometimes we don’t know until we want an answer, until we see it We recommend that you browse the answers to other questions and learn from them!

Ohio has proven excellence in this: Prepathon

  1. Government examination

UPSC Civil Services – Questions like IAS, IPS and other officials
SSB Interviews – Cavaliers India, AFOSOP, Olive Green, Balnoi and many more.
RBI and Banking Examination (SBI, IBPS PO and Clerk)
SSC CGL Tier 1, Tier 2 – Vidyaguru, CD Campus, Anuj Jindal etc.

  1. Health and nutrition

Get health and nutrition tips from major nutritionists and dietitians in India, including Shonali Sabarwal, Ryan Fernando, Ajli Mukherjee and many more.

  1. Money

Cryptocurrencies (investment tips, bitcoin, etc. from Bitcoin experts in the global world)
Goods and Services Tax – GST
Mutual Funds and Other Investment Tips
Rera expert

  1. Spirituality

Join top spiritual gurus from the Art of Living, Brahmakumaris, Chinmaya Mission, Sadhguru and ISKCON.

  1. Politics

Ask questions now and get video answers / latest news from your favorite Rajan political leaders, local MPs and legislators. BJP leaders are answering questions from Poonam Mahajan, Prasad Lad, Amit Satam and other Ohio residents.

  1. Other

Viral Fever, Vicilator, Legal Eagle of Business, Actors – Shruti Prakash and others.


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