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Despite the fact that Pokemon Go has been available for a while, the game continues to receive monthly updates and additions. You may battle other players, hatch eggs, send gifts, and do so much more in Pokemon Go in addition to collecting pokemon go raid schedule so many different variants of your favourite Pokemon. There are a tonne of tasks for you to complete in the game, as well as community days centred around particular Pokemon. We’ll be concentrating on Pokemon Go raids in this piece.


In Pokemon Go, raids occur when a particular Pokemon seizes control of a Gym. It makes no difference whose team is currently using this gym or which Pokemon call it home. While a Raid is taking place, the Pokemon in the gym pokemon go raid schedule will be halted, making it impossible for players to see or interact with them. Instead, a massive representation of the particular Pokemon from the Raid will be shown on the gym’s roof.

Mega Raids, which are similar to regular raids but feature Mega Evolved Pokemon inside the gym, can also occasionally be seen.

, Pokemon Go raids in July 2022
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Using the map or the Pokemon Nearby banner (located on the bottom, right side of the screen), you can search for Raids by swiping over to it. You may get a list of all upcoming neighbourhood raids in this section. Some raids will contain eggs with a time that indicates when they will arrive, while others that are currently underway will display what Pokemon are present and how long they will last. pokemon go raid schedule Under both types of notifications, monster faces will be displayed to show how difficult a Raid is. There should be more people there to take it on the more faces there are.
How can I join a raid?
A Raid can be entered in three different ways. If you are close enough to the gym to spin the stop, you can simply fight the gym as usual while entering with a raid pass, which will double as your admission ticket for taking part in this raid. Up to five buddies may join you in the battle. You can utilise a Remote Raid Pass to enter local raids if you are interested in them but aren’t quite close enough to spin the stop. Up to 5 of your Pokemon Go pals can also join you in this raid. You can accept an invitation to join a friend’s raid if they are either nearby or remote into it. You are already a plus one, thus you are unable to bring any of your own friends with you to this raid pokemon go raid schedule
How are Ex Raids?
Ex Raids are the most uncommon kind of raid. At ex-gyms, these raids are by invitation only. A little EX GYM Label will appear next to a gym’s name to signify that a raid may occur there. Frequently located in sizable parks or sponsored, these gyms. If you successfully finish a raid at an EX gym, you may receive an invitation to return and capture a legendary Pokemon. Another option is to extend an invitation to one of your Ultra Friends.
However, the Pokemon will be added to the Raid rotation after around a year of being an Ex Gym exclusive. EX Raids frequently contain a themed, legendary Pokemon or an Exclusive Move that can be gained by them. Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Regigigas have all previously appeared in Ex Raids. Regigigas is the active pokemon in Ex Raids at the moment.

Remote Raid Passes and Raid Passes are two of the three types of passes. Remote Raid Passes are available for purchase in-game. One of them costs 100 PokeCoins, while three cost 300 PokeCoins. They occasionally appear in the store’s Special Boxes as well. If you don’t already have one in your inventory, you can spin a gym stop once per day to acquire an orange (default) Raid Pass. This may, under some circumstances, be spun up to two Raid Passes every day. Similar to orange raid passes, premium raid passes are also available in unlimited quantities. They are also usable in battles between Pokemon trainers.
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You must participate in lots of raids to earn Ex Raid Passes. You are more likely to get an Ex Raid Pass the more raids you participate in. You have a better chance of winning if you have a Gold Gym Badge in an Ex Raid Gym, have won a significant amount of Raid Battles, and have recently raided an Ex Raid Gym with 20 or more other players.

You have the opportunity to capture the Pokemon you battled when you finish a raid. To accomplish this, you will use a constrained quantity of Premier Balls rather than your own PokeBalls. By dealing the greatest damage in the fight, completing the raid more quickly, and enlisting allies in your raid, you can earn more Premier Balls. Each friend you have in the raid will end up giving you an additional ball, with better friends giving you more balls.
RAIDS INCLUDED POKEMON IN JULY pokemon go raid schedule

, Pokemon Go raids in July 2022
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Dates all begin at 10:00 a.m. local time.

Star Raids five
These Pokemon can all be found shiny in raids!
Articuno from July 1 to July 7.
7th to 14th of July: Zapdos pokemon go raid schedule
Moltres from July 14 to July 22.
22 July to 31 July: Dialga
Major raids
These Pokemon can all be found shiny in raids!
July 1 through July 7: Charizard Mega X
from July 7 to July 14: Charizard Mega-Y
Mega Pidgeot from July 15 until July 22
from July 22 through July 31: Hourly Mega Gengar Raid
There will be a special Raid Hour every Wednesday in July from 6:00 p.m. local time to 7:00 p.m. local time.
These Pokemon can all be found shiny in raids!pokemon go raid schedule

6th of July: Articuno
13th of July: Zapdos
20th July: Moltres
27 July: Dialga
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