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PlayerPro apk :

This app is an advanced music and video player for Android devices.

PlayerPro has a beautiful, fast and clear interface with powerful audio configuration options. Additionally, there is a choice of several free plugins to achieve this: skins, DSP packs …

Note: PlayerhPro Music Player is a standalone app. If you already have the player installed, then you need to uninstall the Pro Music Player (free) version.


Browse music and play your music in a variety of ways: through Album, Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Zoner, playlist, folder or song.

Browse and play your video via the Versus folder.

  • Auto Android Auto Listen to your music.
  • Music will stream your music to your TV or any Chromecast audio compatible device.
  • Enhance your music library with ID3 tags (embedded artwork), SD card folder, gallery app and Internet: Music Album Artwork, Artist / Musician Paintings and Art Illustrations.
  • Change the user interface of the player by installing one of the many available skins.
  • Customize the layout by choosing between grid or list views.
  • View music in the ID3 tags of your music files and edit the built-in songs.
  • 3 ID3 Tag Editing in Single or Batch Mode: Supports 15 different tag fields including all known audio formats (MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Flock, Wow, IF, DSF, WMA, Opus and Speaks) and more. Such as rating, group and BPM.
  • Default composite audio effects: 15 default presets, stereo width effects, large effects (large / medium hall, small / medium / large rooms), 5 default graphic equalizer with bass boost effects and volume control.
  • Extra Free Extra Professional DSP Plugin: High-resolution audio (up to 32-bit, up to 384kHz), 10 band graphic equalizer with 20 default presets, pre-empi control, bass boost control, stereo width control, left-right volume. Control, optional mono output. Gapless playback. Auto / Manual Crossfade. Replay gain. Audio range. Go to Settings> Audio and select the “Download DSP Pack” option to install the free plugin.
  • Met Music Metadata, Statistics and Smart Playlists: Recently Added, Top, Most / Recent / Low Play. Create additional smart playlists using the Smart Playlist Editor and the many different criteria it offers: Title, Album Artist, Composer, Grouping, Zoner, Comment, Duration, Year, Added / Modified Date, BPM, Rating, Play Count, Count Cross, Lost Play and File Path.
  • Import and export music history and rate from your favorite desktop music player.
  • Music folder options: Restrict your music library to a specific folder.
  • Compatible 2 lock screen widget with many customization options: unlock slider, toggle sound, skip tracks using volume button, swipe gestures, background selection, control selection, time display, skin selection …
  • Different selection of 5 different home screen widgets (4×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 4×2). All widgets are customizable and slim: there are 6 different skins available, including the option to display the artist image instead of the album artwork, the option to display the rating, shuffle / repeat controls and more.
  • Google Drive Backup / Restore: Automatically back up your playlists, music statistics and settings on Google Play.
  • Supports the most popular scroller.
  • Fade with sleep timer.
  • Favorite sharing text notifications on your favorite social networks, album / artist artwork.
  • Headset support. Customize long press and double / triple press functions.
  • Comprehensive search of the library. Voice search and Google Assistant support.
  • Swipe gestures: Swipe the album art to swipe albums to skip songs, stop playback or restart.
  • Feature Shake It Feature: Give your phone a shake to play the next / previous song (eg: shake up or down to play next / previous song).
  • … and discover many other features!


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