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PlayerPro DSPPack is a free digital sound processing plugin for PlayerPro. PlayerPro is an advanced music and video player for Android devices.

PlayerPro DSPPack 32/64-bit audio rendering engine provides unmatched sound experience, allowing playback in high resolution format. Audiophiles have their own preferences on how they enjoy sound. DSPPack offers them 10 band graphic equalizer with evolving bass and virtualizer effects and several customization options: Gapless playback, cross fade, replay gain, audio limit, audio balance and more.

PlayerPro DSPack supports over 30 different audio formats, from the most popular to the most unique. Additionally, it features ARM neon and X86 routines that significantly reduce battery usage, making it the most battery-friendly DSP plugin on the Android market.

Installation Instructions:

  • From the PlayerPro app, go to Settings> Audio and check the “Activate DSP Pack” option. Alternatively, if you are upgrading, you must click on the “Upgrade DSP Pack” option.
  • Restart the PlayerPro app for the changes to take effect (PlayerPro prompts you to do so).
  • Now you can access the audio effects screen via the Options menu or the Player screen (EQ button).
  • Use the audio settings menu to customize your preferences: Adjust manual and auto crossfade timing, activate gapless or replay gains, adjust left-right volume balance, and adjust resampling / dieting options.

High-resolution audio:

The DSP pack comes with a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that allows playback in a higher resolution format:

  • Automatic detection of internal and USB DAC configuration.
  • Direct output in internal / USB DAC format without any restrictions.
  • Support for bit depths and sample rates up to 32-bit and up to 384 kHz.
  • Alternative between SW (high quality) and SoX (very high quality) amp.
  • Ability to change the resampler diet method.
  • You can check the output sample rate in the Settings / Audio / Resampler section.
  • Make sure the “Automatically configured” “Use 32 bit output” option is checked for high resolution playback.

DSP Pack Features:

  • Player‌Pro supports playback of all common audio formats directly from the music player: mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, wma, ogg, wav, flac, 3gp, mov, alac.
  • Supports playback of less popular audio formats using ES File Explorer or external file browser applications such as monkey, opus, mpc, wowpack, aiff, mp1, mp2, au.
  • 10 band graphic equalizer with 20 default presets.
  • Ability to edit existing presets or create new ones.
  • Prologue control.
  • Boss Boost Control.
  • Virtualizer control.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Auto and manual crossfade.
  • Replay gain.
  • Audio limit.
  • Volume Balance Control.
  • Mono output playback (optional).
  • Supports bit depth and sample rate up to 32-bit and up to 384 kHz.
  • Audio Resampler (SW or SoX).
  • Resampler dithering method.
  • Runs on all ARM and X86 processors (32/64-bit).
  • Features highly optimized ARM neon and X86 routines that significantly reduce battery usage.

Solve the problem.

If you experience playback skipping, you can try one of the following:

  • Increase audio buffer: From the Settings / Audio menu, change the value of “Audio Buffer” to “Two Larger”.
  • Change the equalizer implementation: From the Settings / Audio menu, change the “Equalizer” value to “PlayerPro low-end”.
  • Change the reset mobilization implementation: From the Settings / Audio menu, change the value of “Res Res Seller” to “SW Res Reseller”.
  • Disable Dieting: From the Settings / Audio menu, change the value of “Detergent Method” to “None”.
  • Disable 32-bit output format: From the Settings / Audio menu, uncheck the “Use 32-bit output” checkbox (this will disable high resolution audio).
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