Plansinfo com No 1 Best App


plansinfo com, Plansinfo com No 1 Best App


Plansinfo com mobile operators

Plansinfo com

  1. Airtel
  2. Geo
  3. You (Vodafone Idea)

Supported DTH Operators – Plansinfo com

  1. Tata Sky
  2. DTV
  3. The sun is direct
  4. Airtel Digital TV
  5. D2H

Supported broadband operators- Plansinfo com

  1. India Fiber
  2. Geo Fiber
  3. Artel Xtream Fiber
  4. Hathaway
  5. Data Sky Broadband
  6. Act
  7. Delta
  8. Lead

*** Why the Plancino app ***

  • No ads
  • Only 2KB of data is required to check all plans of the operator
  • App size less than 7 MB and takes up very little space and memory


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