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pick me up mod apk Do you want a rideshare drive? pick me up mod apk
Crazy about exploring and discovering new monuments? pick me up mod apk

Pick me Up 3d traffic runner is here for you. A ridesharing taxi game. pick me up mod apk

3D traffic runner is crazy Taxi game for simulation lovers. In this taxi car driving your job is to Lyft – pick up riders and drop them with safety to their destination. pick me up mod apk

Pick me up and drop off rideshare customers to earn money, to unlock new car and destinations. Explore world most visited cities & discover new monuments. Enjoy the rideshare with crazy pick me up and drop off in this Cool Relaxing Taxi Game 2019. pick me up mod apk

Drive around the world most visited cities with super fantasy Taxi car, Police rescue car and sports cars. Get yourself in city drive with extreme taxi cab service. pick me up mod apk
Drive through the big cities traffic rush, Lyft – pick up the riders and drop them off at their destinations, earn new cars and levels, also level up your skills and explore the world. Get crazy with your speedy taxi drive in this top free tap game. pick me up mod apk

Your job is simple. Find the people in need of transport pick them up and drive them to their desire location.
Hurry up..! But also take care of other traffic and pedestrians – Don’t create road accident. Find the safest root in this ridesharing Pick me up 3D traffic Runner.
The longer you drive on rushed road the higher you get rewards. Your car, your rules. Wave through traffic. pick me up mod apk

Build a fun collection of modern taxi and classic cabs ready to drive. Tap and taps in traffic to run your taxi to Lyft, pick me up and drop off passengers. Next chapter of an Uber taxi of all time has arrives. Complete daily task and Get ride rewards on your rides. pick me up mod apk

As a city taxi driver, always be as swift as possible because more you pleased your riders with your service more you get rewards. All you have to is tap and hold on the screen of that taxi car you drive. pick me up mod apk

As you will be expert in rideshare drive and in your pick me up and drop off services will mature, Long drive with more rides you will get more passengers and rewards. Unlock new luxury cars and new destinations with these rewards.

Drive the yellow New York Taxi, Pickups, Police Rescue Car and luxury sport cars in this ridesharing taxi driving game pick me up mod apk

The fast way to get more money is to Complete daily task and don’t forget to collect your daily reward. On completing each ride, you will be rewarded with cash. This is mostly random beaming taxi game based on your fares, and the amount of rider you pick up and drop off. pick me up mod apk

Pick Me Up 3D Traffic Runner Features

– Cool Relaxing Taxi Game
– One touch driving
– Tap and hold to drive
– Release to break
– Avoid crashing
– High speed racing cars
– Pick up and drop off fears
– Exciting pick me up and drop off destination
– High quality graphics
– Variety of different missions and challenges


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