Photo sticker maker No 1 Best App


photo sticker maker, Photo sticker maker No 1 Best App


Photo sticker maker Make yourself a wonderful sticker using this free WhatsApp sticker app.

It’s easy to create your own stickers with our studio stickers – select an image, add decorations or text, save it and add it to the WhatsApp app. Photo sticker maker

Top features in sticker creators for WhatsApp
Remove the image background with the crop free hand crop and background ironing tool.
Add text to the stickers with custom fonts and colors
Funny decorations like da ards, glasses, hats and more
. Create any number of sticker packs A maximum of 30 stickers in one pack
Easy to use sticker editing app with Photo Photo Editor
Make fun of your friends with the sticker mem generator

How to use sticker maker for WhatsApp

  1. Use the Create New button and select an image from the camera, gallery or file (camera and photo storage permission required).
  2. Once an image has been selected, you can crop, rotate, or flip it if necessary. Use the square crop and select the full image if necessary Click on harvest after completion
  3. To remove the background from the photo, click on the area Touch and move the eraser as needed and then click Save
  4. Use the move tool to move or resize photos
  5. To add fun elements like glasses, da ards and hats, click on decorations.
  6. Use the text option to write something on the sticker Change the font or color to make it look better
  7. Add emoji to the sticker from the emoji page
  8. With a brush tool, you can draw something on the sticker
  9. If you make a mistake, use the previous or next button
    Click Save as you work with the design
  10. Click the + Plus button to add more stickers to the sticker pack Choose a name for your pack and click Save
  11. Add this personal sticker pack to the WhatsApp app with the WhatsApp button to add.

Select the premium and place the ads
To remove all ads from your app and support developers, click on the crown icon or remove ads from the menu and select Get Premium. Photo sticker maker

Make stickers for WhatsApp
The sticker maker integrates with the WhatsApp app and can add your sticker to the WhatsApp sticker section. Create your own WhatsApp sticker collection today using our WhatsApp sticker editor. You can also share the full hats app sticker pack with your friends using the share icon. Powered by WAStickerApps

Celebrate every celebration with a sticky creator
Works for every thought, event and language:

  • Happy Birthday to the maker of the birthday and anniversary stickers
  • Text and custom font stickers
  • Brazilian sticker with Portuguese text
  • Indonesian custom sticker
  • Malayalam and Hindi stickers
  • Love and dialogue stickers


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