Buku Pemrograman apk (versi baru Belajar HTML)


Pemrograman apk :

Initially, this application was called Learning HTML, which only contained HTML learning material, but over time many users wanted to create applications that taught other materials that supported website creation. Finally, this HTML learning app includes other elements such as CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.

Again, this means that you will have to spend for these processes. Other requests about building a website appear from Java, Python, C and others.

For that, we will present the HTML learning application with a new face and rename it as a programming book. With the new namebook programming, the scope will be broader not only for web programming but also for other programming languages.

What are the benefits of this programming book application?

  • Available in various Indonesian language programming materials
  • Simple design is very simple.
  • There is a text editor so that sample coding can be practiced directly.
  • There are sample projects that you suggest

Current Content:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • PHP: Hypertext Processor (PHP)
  • My SQL
  • Java
  • Python

We hope you find these programming books useful.

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