Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom – best toppings and other facts


In the Order-focused Cookie Run Kingdom, Pastry Cookie is an extremely cool-looking character! It’s an epic ranged cookie that excels at taking out hordes of foes from behind the line. She has a significant position in the tower of Sweet Chaos, where she is portrayed as Red Velvet Cookie’s opposite. She loves to put an end to injustices! In light of this, you might be asking where to find Pastry Cookies and what toppings work best. How does Pastry Cookie compare to the other characters on the tier list for the CRK?
Pastry Cookie can shoot an arrow of light at the closest foe thanks to her combat prayer. The cookie’s attack DMG and ATK SPD are additionally improved by the Battle Prayer’s effects.

Since Pastry Cookie is currently only available through the gacha and has a 0.095 percent chance of appearing, it can take many rolls to finally get one. Once you receive the pastry cookie, I have no doubt that you will top it out to make it the greatest cookie you can for your team.

, Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom – best toppings and other facts
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The ideal toppings for the Pastry Cookie depend on how you intend to use the cookie. One of the suggested topping builds is 5 searing raspberry toppings, which uses the entire set and provides the full ATK boost. To assist her deal even more DMG, you can choose additional stats for ATK SPD and cooldown reduction. If you wish to break a set, you can top a pastry cookie with three scorching raspberry toppings and two bouncy caramel toppings, which will increase ATK and ATK speed and give the biscuit a significant boost. To shorten her cooldown, you can also utilise a Swift Chocolate Candy. You can strengthen her with the Grim-Looking Scythe and the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll for treasures. Additionally, the Squishy Jelly Watch is a wonderful choice for lowering cooldowns.
Because Pastry Cookie values judgement, fairness, and deferring to authority, many of her remarks and conversations centre on the need to eliminate corruption as well as the truth. In her remarks, she nearly comes out as religious. She is a cookie well deserving of the Epic designation and does not spare her foes.

You now know all there is to know about Pastry Cookie. Take a look at the 10 tips and techniques for the Cookie Run Kingdom if you need any assistance with the game; they will undoubtedly be helpful.

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