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The legendary Hotel Tycoon game is back! The tropical island looks as beautiful as ever, your ultimate hotel is ready to stand out and receive a bunch of family tourists, adventurers and virtual villagers. Develop the lost island into the most luxurious family resort on Paradise Island 2 – one of the sunniest and most beautiful hotel games out there. Start with a group of grass huts that offer the vibe of village life on the island and head towards a complete hotel empire with 5 star family accommodation suitable for a world class hotelier.

Turn your island resort into a hiking destination with all kinds of attractions, shops and restaurants. Engage family tourists and their children with hotel games and activities. Turn the whole island into an amusement park full of rides, cafes and virtual villagers, giving your guests a taste of village life. Become the ultimate hotelier by expanding your influence on the lost island and transform your hotel empire to suit the needs of the most demanding tourists: whether they are teenagers and noisy fun-seekers or reserved family people looking for safe family entertainment.

Becoming a hotelier is a very serious goal, but no one can say you can’t enjoy being on your island!

Style Build over 300 buildings painted in a unique style and create the best hotel empire
Family Improve and develop your family island, invite and entertain guests and make huge profits to become the ultimate hotelier
Danger Help and feed endangered animals, make your resort one of the most beautiful hotel games in nature
Assemble a collection of unique animal and natural phenomena
Compete with friends and other city administrators
Play Off Offline Mode. Enjoy this ornament of hotel games on the plane, subway or on the road!
Hotel Play with your hotel tycoon friends: Visit friends’ islands to find hidden objects and receive gifts!
Game Special events with unique game mechanics and exciting discoveries

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