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Papa’s burgeria apk Give Papa Louis Pulse your amazing creativity, where you create characters and stories in Papa Louis world! Design and preserve your own collection of unique friends and use them to create visuals and stories to share.

Tons of ship production
It’s easier than ever to design your characters! Use sliders to decorate your sailor body, choose from a variety of skin tone and hair colors, and add additional details to your ship, such as freckles and makeup. Just find the right hairstyle for that perfect face and change the style of your mouth and eyes to give them some personality. Go to the clothing department at any time to choose hundreds of unique shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, hats and accessories for your pal and change the color of each item to make a wonderful outfit.

Building Ground and Telephone Store
Pulse making is just the beginning! Mix your friends with the pros to create visuals, ward bubbles and your own custom visuals. You can place the palms anywhere in a scene, and use gestures to rotate and shape them. Choose a wild type of pose for each character, and change their face to match their morale. You can use different backgrounds in your scene to help you tell your story, and you can hold it in your hand. If you want to say something to Pulse, you can also add sound bubbles and captions to the scene!

ADD PAPE LOUIE and his friend
Are your friends looking for more friends? You can include Papa Lewis and his famous customers in many of his restaurants such as Papa Friesia! Handmade customers, multiple customer packs with new backgrounds and props are available for your background, and new clothes that any custom custom pulse can use. Customers can use all the poses and props like your navel, and they also come with their own unique alternative outfits.

Save and share
Once you create a scene, you can save an image on your device, or share it with your friends on messages or social media! You can also take any saved scenes and sails of your choice whenever you want

Infinite possibilities
Use images of your scene for satire, meme or visual fan fiction for all sorts of things. Show off your character design, create crazy situations for your friends, or tell a story in multiple scenes.

Game features Papa’s burgeria apk

  • Pope Louis is the instrument of creation in the universe
  • Design custom colors with hundreds of clothing items, hairstyles and more.
  • Create visuals with the pulses you create
  • Choose from multiple backgrounds with settings, external and internal views
  • Support your friends in your custom scene
  • Add word bubbles and captions to tell a story
  • Pack customers to add new customers, new backgrounds and more theme props and outfits.


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