Pacific Rim Breach Wars – Robot Puzzle Action RPG no1 best apk


Pacific Rim Breach Wars – Robot Puzzle Action RPG

Epic Robot Action for Epic Rim and Sai-Fi fans rpg!

Order your Chartered Aadhaar and save your district from a known hijacking known as Kaizu along with the human-pilot make-up called Jazers.

Different wake-up calls from different parts of the PPDC to join their strike group deployed during all shutdowns.


Fast destroy the giant Kaizu ghost hell that is going to destroy the world in a fast-paced war that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Sign up with other players in multiplayer tournaments to win prizes for your charter and jaguar strike groups.

Compete with other martial arts and compete in battle games for prizes

Born into the world of war, you join the army and soon go to the rank of marshal in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. The 21 countries of the Pacific Rim have come together to form the PPDC and fight the most dangerous enemy humanity: KAIJU. These huge foreign behemoths have come to earth through dimensional breaks and will not stop until the destruction of humanity.

As a marshal, you control a team of military robots that use a mental coordination called a drift with a team of human pilots known as JAEGs. The only way to avoid the danger of Kaizu is to get together and overcome the most powerful of the Jazars and send Kaizu through a break!

Features Features:

Team, constructive games
Unlimited Challenging, enjoyable core gameplay where players combine the power of the awakening with the puzzle strategy.

Tons of single player content
EGIC’s single player campaign featured hundreds of unique battles against Kaizu, more than 25 different Kaizu monsters.

The Daily Nick Mission
The missions bring together fun and adventurous adventures to thwart your quest for a stronger base.

PVP wake battery
Take your powerful juggernaut in a simulation law fight against the best team of other players.

Compilation and optimization
More than 50 different judges can be collected and upgraded in various ways Join them in a strike group to fight the impossible.

Multiplayer and CO-OP
Compete alone or join a team in the rankings, multiplayer leagues Chat with other members of your team to share strategies


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