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Ozee app download A platform with more than 4500+ movies, funny video content creation on HiPi, original web series, live news, enthusiasm to watch TV serials before TV, live originals, exclusive Alt-ZEE5 web series and more; That too, in your language!

Create video content on HiPi, enjoy the Binge-Z5 original web series, world digital premiere, live news, music videos and 90+ live TV channels. There are also award-winning stories and super hit Bollywood films and biopics. Ozee app download

What will you enjoy on ZEE5?

  • Hippie: A unique video platform to express yourself, your way, in a fun and comfortable environment.
  • ZEE5 Club: In an ad-free experience, a special right to watch the right content for you and catch your favorite TV serials.
  • Video content is dubbed in 7 languages
  • 11 Display Languages ​​and 12 Content Languages
  • Download offline
  • Live TV Guide for Channel Programming
  • Music video in language
  • Awareness news
  • Facility catch-up for popular live TV channels
  • Smart content search with voice search
  • Personal recommendations
  • Uninterrupted video playback

HiPi videos:
HiPi is a small form video production platform within ZEE5, where self-expression marries strong entertainment. It has fun videos, dances, songs, music and countless hashtag challenges. Create, manage and show your unique videos to the world! In addition, it has upcoming features such as karok, r effects, photo templates, live duets, skill based chat rooms and celebrity wishes. Beware of the HP Premier League. Ozee app download

Live News and TV:
Watch the top business videos of India and the world on ZEE5, cricket scores, debates, live news. Watch 90+ live TV channels online in ZEE TV, ZEE Marathi, ZEE News, BBC World, CNN, Az Talk, ZEE Business and English, Hindi and other regional languages.

ZEE5 Club:
Join the club tomorrow to watch the premiere episode of the TV series Get the best out of ZEE5 Original, ZEE5-Alt Balaji Web Series, 1000+ Superhit Movies, Favorite Life Shows, Live TV Channels, Kids Entertainment and Live News. Ozee app download

Popular categories: ZEE5 comes in every age category Discover every trend that is sure to entertain the whole family

Movies: B-Watch is the latest action, romantic, horror, drama and thriller film listed in your favorite language:
• Hindi movies
• Tamil films
• Bengali films
• Malayalam film
• Telugu films
• Kannada film
Marathi films and many more

Popular films: Omerta, Yara, Hack, Bichar Hi Kaya, Uri, Simba, Badlapur, Tashkent File, Gita Govindam and more. Ozee app download

Watch popular TV serials available in your favorite language:
• Hindi TV serial
• Tamil TV serial
• Bengali TV serial
• Malayalam TV serial
• Telugu TV serial
• Kannada TV serial
Marathi TV serials and many more

TV serials: Kumkum Bhagia, Kundali Bhagia, Gatimela, Sembaruthi, Jatta Jatiali, Kalyan Vibhogam, Tu Jje Hirabata, Krishnakoli, Chala Ye Yar Dia

Popular web series:
Abhay 2, Rangbaz 2, Gandhi Bat, State of the Sea 26/11, Mentality, Red Bazaar, REJCTX 2, Karinjit Kurur and more. Ozee app download

Latest Publication:
Itkan Chakra, Tiki-taka, London Secret, Prohibited Love Arrangements Marriage and much more.

Best of the International Series:
Explore a collection of premium TV series from around the world Find the best Turkish, Korean and Spanish shows like Young Pop, Pablo Escobar and more.
Origin of life:
See Churel, Suno Chanda, Bagi, Maat, Deer-Dil, Bin Rue, Mana Mayal, Tum Kon Piya, Sheher-e-Jat and other lives.

Rejection: The availability of certain content may vary depending on the content rights of different countries or regions.


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