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ontimeemployeemanager, Ontimeemployeemanager No 1 Best App


Ontimeemployeemanager Nowadays, human-energy-cost companies have become a lime to bear the brunt Waste of working hours by employees, their low productivity, and the heavy costs they usually incur on them have become a real concern for today’s corporate circle.

When you are in charge of your sales team with field work. Deb, you don’t know where the Ad employees are Or are they really working? You have no choice but to go through them Do you have a solution for this? Ontimeemployeemanager

A world-class establishment has established a solution to security and oversight after digging deeper into the problem and understanding the frequent inconsistencies found in the daily reports of various external employees. An ideal system for all companies with field staff, along with a mobile app, on-time staff manager, time and attendance biometric machine.

With on-time staff managers for field staff, let’s see what it does for you:
1.) This is a web-managed service and you can view the report by logging on to the website Each user will be assigned a username and password according to his or her name and he or she can log on to the website and view their junior reports in real time. Ontimeemployeemanager

2) When your employees are in the office, they can register their presence through biometric machines, but when they are in the area, they can access on-time employees with 2G / 3G-capable smartphones. You can register your presence through the manager -Phone, from the first assignment place of the day

)) As soon as attendance is registered by the on-time employee manager, it is reflected in the headquarters report with the image of the employee, its actual location and specific date and time.

Employees can easily schedule their daily Nandin plans with an on-time employee manager, which helps them get through the daily Nandin work. Ontimeemployeemanager

5.) From time to time with the employee manager, you can keep a tab on your employee’s day-to-day activities, such as how much time he or she spends on each job and how many meetings are cheated in one day. This allows you to estimate his daily Nandin productivity

6.) It is important to keep notes after fraud From time to time, the employee manager makes it quick and easy to comment on their meeting fraud immediately after the meeting and is automatically updated in their report.

7.) Surprisingly, if an employee is traveling to a new customer, they can easily click on the photo of the customer’s travel card on their phone and add a new entry based on their data. After the back-end people check and verify the card details, they are regularly uploaded to the employee’s partner-database.

Now an application has a lot of merit Not every time an employee has to keep a travel card and various details related to a traveling customer, he or she can extract specific information from his or her partner-database. Ontimeemployeemanager

8.) This smart-phone-based application also monitors your employees ’daily Nick coordination journey as it automatically calculates kilometers and shows in the report.

9.) Through this application, an employee can record the cost of The Daily Nick, if any, along with photos of the receipts that will be available to the signature officer.

10.) Employees can upload orders in their report

11.) In addition, employees can also visit their partner’s database, contacts and leads Contact details can be updated in one place that will be transferred to a central location simultaneously.

12.) In addition, high-level employees can track their juniors working in any location in real time.


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