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one click root apk, one click root apk no 1 best apk app

⚠ Attention! This application does not give root rights! ⚠

one click root apk System Tools Android is a true utility processor. This program includes many small utilities for finer work with the system (including root utilities). one click root apk
➤ MORE THAN TWENTY USEFUL UTILITIES AND FUNCTIONS. The number of application functions grows with each update
➤ RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPERS. Having problems or have suggestions or comments on the program? Our team will always answer!
➤ PERMANENT UPDATES. We try to quickly fix errors in the program and timely update
This program includes all the possible utilities that are needed to simplify routine processes and to more flexibly manage the system of your device. List of program features:
– Password generator one click root apk
– File manager (with root support, secure deletion of files and folders)
– Device info
– Check for AppOps/Busybox/Root
– Battery calibration one click root apk
– Power Manager
– A tool to fix the rights to write to external memory
– Partition manager (+ advanced mode)
– Script Manager
– Animation download manager one click root apk
– Font Manager
– Android ID Editor
– Custom binary download animation file (custom binary file to demonstrate zip animation when the device starts)
– DPI editor
– Brightness controller (screen, flashlight)
– Application Manager one click root apk
– Flexible settings
– Notes
– Stopwatch
All application data is stored on your device in encrypted form. one click root apk


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