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offline games :

The offline game app is compatible with all phones, including small memory.

NB: Applications must be authorized to use phone memory (required to download game files).

* How to use the application

  1. Open the application with the internet display
  2. Click on the icon of any game you like (wait for it to load and open automatically)
  3. Close the application, and then the Internet. Run the application. The game you downloaded clearly shows its logo
  4. Click on the game to work without internet
  5. Red X icon to delete the game file.

Enjoy a huge collection of cool games.
34 Best Offline Low Space Games for All Players to Enjoy!
Games 2020
Ventic Arcade Games, Racing, Sports, Logic, Sudoku and more!
This pack really fills all players!

This app collects a free collection of the best games and fun offline games in 1 app.

Play 34 offline games without internet, you do not need internet to play these games, we have included the best mobile friendly games in this pack and they are the best part of the games you have to play those games. No need to connect to the Internet.

In this one offline game app you can play a wide variety of quick games from games to skill games, we have a lot of mini games to support every mood for card game lovers, we are Solitaire King, Sudoku, Ludo Night, Zoo Crutch High, 4 colors and, star Citizen Air War, Speed ​​Club Nitro, Pipe Water, Puzzle Animals and more, Strike Bowling, Karush, Pongal, Checker – Dama and more.

This is a 100% free offline arcade game – play now!

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