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Oddcast apk download The voice text-to-speech app of the author allows its users to create and share satirical messages using the voices of various stories. Just say or type the text, translate the text into audio and then select from a variety of languages, using pleasant descriptive words and effects to use the app. The end result is a customized description of the original message that was saved on the audio, which users can share if they wish.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) and voice-over app make text and speech into text. Text to Speech is a voice converter app with transparent descriptive voice or custom voice settings. Type the text and convert it to audio, you can save and share clean audio. The Text to Voice app converts text to text and text directly. Oddcast apk download

Voice of Narrator is a voice changer app with a simple user interface. It is very easy to change your voice in different languages Designed to provide an easy and wonderful recording experience with voice text to audio converter, high quality voice changer with effects, optional playback and editing capabilities.

The Text to Audio Converter app allows users to accept their audio as a voice converter. Now, with speech to the text converter, you can convert voice notes to text correctly because it is voice typing in different languages. Text to Speech converts audio from all languages, without audio translating audio at any time. Narrator’s Voice is a speech to text online voice changer app in all languages.

Features Features: Oddcast apk download

Text to Speech Converter (TTS)
Text to audio converter
Save and share audio files
• Various languages ​​with narrator voices
• Read the text from the txt file and convert it to audio
• Apply effects to the voice of the narrator
Increase or decrease volume, pitch and sound
Apply the effect with audio reset, delete or playback options.
Convert audio files to MP3

Now download “Narrator’s Voice Text-to-Speech (TTS)” and translate the text with the tone of the language in different languages. So give us your valuable feedback so that we can improve in the future. Oddcast apk download


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