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Prank your friends and look like a real WiFi password hacker!

This is a PRANK hack app and does NOT really hack WiFi passwords, networks or routers; however, you will look like you are hacking!

“WiFi Hacker Tool Simulator” is an app that lets your appear to be a hacker in front of your friends.

How does it work?
“WiFi Hacker Tool Simulator” searches and scans for nearby WiFi networks and displays them to you in a list.
You can then select one of the devices from the list, a hacking progress bar will appear and you can show your friends that you are hacking into the network!
You will then be presented with the “hacked” password from the target (a randomly generated password)!

The clean retro-inspired graphics and “hacking text” (based on real exploits) give the app a real “hacker” feel.

If there are no nearby WiFi networks then the app will generate some fake ones for you, so you can hack any time and anywhere.

Again, this is a PRANK and there is no real hacking. Passwords shown are fake and randomly generated!

For suggestions and feedback, you can send an email to the email address at the bottom of the page.

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