Nazara cricket game No 1 Best App


nazara cricket game, Nazara cricket game No 1 Best App


Nazara cricket game The best game of cricket is witnessing the most transformative change since the advent of the modern ODI and T-20 cricket format on mobile gaming platforms with EPIC cricket!

Nazara Games and Mung Lab are proud to present the “EPIC Cricket – Realistic Cricket Simulator Game” for cricket fans around the world. Nazara cricket game

We have developed EPIC cricket with only one purpose in mind, i.e. There is a complete and immersive experience of playing cricket on mobile platforms to fulfill the desires of millions of followers of the game.

The team behind the game has employed complex algorithms and ques shal to create a fantastic realistic experience that will leave a lasting impression on the visual and auditory senses of the players.

Game Features: Nazara cricket game
HD quality footage with international players like Life +

  • Full match live commentary
  • Complete exposure in modern batting and bowling styles (from reverse sweep to helicopter shots, and Google Dusra)
  • Players with matching capabilities for international stars
  • All major cricket playing countries

Epic Cricket respects your privacy, personal does not store any personal information and does not allow you to share this information.
We need some additional permission to work:

    These permissions are required to catch and read ad content while playing games.
    These permissions are required to display appropriate advertising content for consumers targeted for a better advertising experience.
    This permission will use your Google Account name and image once you sign in

This is required by the SDK Japar required, which integrates with this app to profile the device in media usage and other device data, and is consistent with the terms and conditions (“service”) for the device related content and advertising. RBL Services (“Terms of Use”) + 25


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