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MyItems Apk, MyItems Apk- Receipt Tracker App

Do you have significant things, for example, house, lodge, vessel, vehicle, cruiser or others? Back in the days, it was consistently an assistance book for all the vehicles. Here the carports noticed all the support that was done on the vehicle, and when you were going to sell the vehicle, at that point you improved cost in the event that you could show this book and archive all the upkeep that had been finished.

The world isn’t to various today. At the point when you are getting some costly things, you generally need to know whether the thing is kept up, and you will likewise observe the documentation for all the redesigns that has been finished. Imagine a scenario in which we disclosed to you that we have made this framework that makes it simple to archive all the work that you do with your things. Intrigued?

My Items is a framework with an extremely pleasant interphase, and it is overly simple to utilize. Here you can make your important things in the framework and register all the costs that is associated with the thing. It works like a bookkeeping framework light for your own possessions, a report chronicle where you can store your receipts, solicitations, contracts, deeds, confirmation of proprietorship and other authoritative archives. You can make tasks and monitor the expense of redesigns. In the upkeep log you log all the support occupations, and you interface the solicitations or receipts that have a place with the activity. You can likewise take pictures to archive the activity.

This is flawless when you own things like a house, condo, lodge, vehicle, vessel, yacht, procession, manufactured homes, cruiser, airplane and the sky is the limit from there. In the event that you are a rancher, it is ideal for monitoring all the machines on the homestead. In the event that you lease a home, you can run a total record with salary and expenses. My Items is a framework that can be utilized for most resource the executives for private proprietors.

For the littler buys you can utilize the module called My receipts. Here the framework will monitor every one of your guarantees. On the off chance that you enter the receipt for your buys with date and, at that point enter the guarantee time frame and the arrival time frame, you will get warnings 10 days before the date terminate.

This is the way it works:

Enter the receipt or receipt, and enter sum, date, pick a cost type, associate a task and afterward you get all the data you need in the expense and pay report, and your venture will be refreshed. In the event that you lease a loft, you can keep total records which will make the expense revealing simpler.

Here are a portion of our extraordinary highlights:

  • Receive records straightforwardly in the framework, by utilizing the individual My Items email address
  • Share thing with co-proprietors, bookkeepers or mates
  • Transfer an offered thing to new proprietor
  • Save receipts and solicitations such that it is anything but difficult to track down. Incredible hunt and sort capacities
  • Track all the support in the upkeep log.
  • Register the support work on the thing with date and mileage/hours. Connect all costs that have a place with the activity
  • See reports of expenses and pay on your things and undertakings
  • Keep unlimited oversight of activities, with reports and archives appended to the task
  • Possible to manufacture an organizer structure under authoritative reports and the display, so you can keep structure of your authoritative records, and the archiving pictures
  • Get alarms on the telephone, in the application and by email when the guarantee or discount period terminates
  • Possible to move receipts to new proprietor in the event that it was a blessing, or in the event that it is sold
  • Available in 14 dialects
  • Very pleasant cost for extra room of records, with a ton of extraordinary usefulness

Download MyItems and get all the advantages of having unlimited oversight.


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