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my town grandparents, My town grandparents No 1 Best App


My town grandparents My Town: The daily Nandin includes safe and fun educational games for Nandin life and home maintenance for children. My Town: JJBapa is a digital version of a classic toy doll house. Smile, plant, clean, dress up and discover my town with your virtual family: JJBapa Doll House.

This is always a fun day when you go to see my town Jejema and Jejebapa! To see how old your father is, to explore his old room! Carve wood with JJBapa and we know it is always fun to cook homemade food with Jejema. My town grandparents

My Town for Your Children: JJBapa has many stories Let them show you all the memories that their grandparents and grandparents brought back from their African holidays, or let them learn about the garden by spending time outside with their grandparents. Spend quality time with your virtual family

Features Features
9 9 A thrilling place where you and your Jejema will enjoy the garden with more than 20 different flowers and vegetables, carve wood with JJBapa and discover the father’s childhood bedroom. My town grandparents

14 You can play with 14 new characters and new costumes are also available – how fun it is to meet Dad’s best friend and chat with JJBapa’s neighbors!
Inside you can go to the kitchen and eat some delicious homemade things and learn how to make an omelet.

Imagine if you could imagine it, you could make it Everything is possible with Jejema and Jejebapa
Doll Digital Edition of the Classic Toy Doll House
The daily is a safe and fun educational game for children about Nandin life and housekeeping. My town grandparents

The age category is recommended
Kids 4–12: ​​Play my town game even though my parents are out of the room

About me
My Town Games Studio designs digital doll house games that encourage creativity and open-ended games for your kids around the world. Children and parents alike, my town games provide an environment and experience for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines.


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