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my country mod :

Version 9.00, Start your engine! Check out the new minigame! Swipe traffic through the intersection!

  • Complete special traffic missions and earn extra mileage on your buildings!
  • Win bonuses by completing challenges: gold coins, power and country box!
  • Test your skills on the big roads!
  • Defeat your best scores or crashes that move the orchestra!
  • Tap on cars to start deals and collect profits!

2020: My Country Follow-up Smash-Hit, City-Building Strategy Game My Country with over 20 million players worldwide. In this new game, you build and manage the futuristic metropolis from a series of island cities into a deeper, more immersive sequel that expands on everything that makes the original game great!

2020: My Country provides beautiful graphics with highly detailed animations that make your city and enliven the hundreds of quests you have won. In the sequel, players spend their happy, productive citizens’ lives in cars as they travel through the city. You can customize your every building with thousands of features, but you also need to be vigilant, because there are so many types of disasters including earthquakes, floods and foreign invasions! Download 2020: Enter My Country and Future Now!

Main features:
Game This game works in offline mode without internet – play it by plane, subway or road. Enjoy!
Make the city-building gameplay even deeper
Great graphics and highly detailed animations
Hundreds of challenging and funny quests
Due to many disasters, epidemics, foreign invasions and natural disasters
Future vehicles and construction
100,000 ways to customize each building

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