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music paradise pro 1.1 apk Free music is a music and video player / MP3 player that is white and blue as the main color. For design style, it is very simple which will give you a comfortable and pleasant mood in terms of hearing and sight. There are the latest songs / most popular songs in the application, and most importantly, all the songs are free.

Accepting what features free music will show us music paradise pro 1.1 apk

Download music for free:
-User can download music for free under the [free music] tag and play offline.
-We are constantly adding more and more songs for your users, but nothing can come soon due to copyright, please wait and see if you can support this app.

Get the song
The search feature is so fast that you can get what you want in a minute
Type the title of the song / singer / album or the keyboard of the song, it will really find out what you are looking for.
Use the latest songs and popular playlists

Your own playlist
-Choose your own list
It’s free to create your own playlists
Manage your playlists, shorten songs

Music player
Users can listen to music for free without any membership limit
Playing mp3 songs in the background
Download music for offline play
Offline music support m4a mp3 / mp4 / mpeg1-4 / avi / 3gp etc.

  • Shuffle, cycles and repetitive games
  • Bedtime


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