Muscle Rush – Smash Running Game


Hey, feeling shrimpy? Instead of trying the modern day miracle exercising 🏋️ or chugging protein shakes, muscle up in MUSCLE RUSH, the a laugh new going for walks game which could flip every person into a great specimen of bulging humanity in a whole lot less than seven days.

Muscle Rush - Smash Running Game, Muscle Rush – Smash Running Game

Get buff, get tough, and strut your stuff as you run via hard 🔥 obstacle publications! Smash thru limitations, swat apart hoodlums, grab all of the electricity drinks and batteries you may, and get equipped to pound at your display in interesting arm-wrestling boss battles to defeat an ever-wilder array of muscle-certain bullies.

Do you’ve got what it takes to emerge as the beefiest runner in MUSCLE RUSH? Sprint, spin, and crash your manner through wood, glass, brick, metallic, and extra to your quest to get swole! Hope you didn’t pass leg day, pipsqueak!

🏃‍♂️ Keep on strolling! Muscle Rush – Smash Running Game🏃🏿‍♂️

★ Real dynamic tension! Fast and ferocious gameplay with an limitless form of impediment publications to blast your way thru. Watch your muscle mass grow as you energy up!

★ The rewards are more for each obstacle you strength via, but each of them additionally drains your electricity. To get to the stop, brute pressure won’t be sufficient—you’ll want a bit strategy too! Show that you have the brains to in shape your brawn!

★ Upgrade your musclehead with tons of 🎽 amusing skins! Collect a large variety of wacky characters as you development via stages, from traditional strong guys to fitness center bros, athletes, wrestlers, superheroes and greater. Customize your musculature to achieve maximum power!

★ Smash the proper barriers and collect keys to earn coins, and then improve your punch to make certain you’ve got the energy to swat aside bullies, gold bars, and even solid steel doors.

★ Face off in epic arm-wrestling 🤝 boss fights to position your biceps to the test. Have you ever gone toe-to-toe with a buff alien or a ripped granny? In MUSCLE RUSH, you could!

★ Ensure you’re truely ripped while your exercise ends, and end the obstacle direction via breaking your way through a very last series of brick partitions—the in addition you get, the extra your rewards and the wilder your celebratory dance movements! Break-dance and boogie on top of the wreckage!

★ Body constructing has in no way been so much fun! This game’s superbly toned graphics and immensely pleasurable sound effects imply on this workout there’s no ache for plenty of advantage.

🏅The sport that turns chumps into champs! 🏅v

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