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Multi space apk download Unlimited Multiple Accounts for WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, Most Social Apps and Games.

Do you want to manage multiple social accounts and quick switches between them?
Do you want to play games with different roles or multiple accounts to enjoy more?

Multiple parallels can help you get out of trouble with managing multiple accounts!

  • Use one phone to log in to multiple accounts and keep one online at a time!
  • Create as many accounts as you want, customize them with various icons and names and protect them from privacy lockers.

Fully support the 64 bit app and there is no need to install a supported van for most apps. If you are trying to clone an old app that has only 32 bit libraries, please upgrade yourself or install a 32 bit support library.

Multi space apk download

The multi-parallel is compatible with most messaging apps, game apps and social networking apps. Google Play services are supported, and you can connect to your game with Google Play Games or other services.

Login Your many messages, games and social apps
• Work easily with balance and multiple accounts in your life
Double game accounts and double fun
The clone and the original application data are separated

Customize accounts with various icons and labels

Privacy locker to protect your clone account
• You can choose to lock the main app multi-parallel or specific clone

Just a quick switch between unlimited multiple accounts with just one tap
Run multiple accounts at once, and create icons with cloned tags.

★ Light weight, clean, low RAM and energy consumption

★ Smooth and easy to use

Light mode for best power and memory performance

• Permissions: Multi-parallel applications require some permission themselves, but for cloned apps multiple applications need multiple applications before. Please allow multiple parallels to avoid errors or accidents while running the clone.
• Usage: Multi-parallels themselves do not take up too much memory, battery and data which is actually consumed by the app they are actually running.
• Notifications: Please add multiple parallels to the Whitelist in your system notification settings.
• Data and Privacy: Multi-Parallel Personal will not collect any personal information The general use of an app with device model information will be used for product improvement and cross-analysis.

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