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Moy 7 May finally returns for the seventh installment!

This time there are some big changes in the UI and the way you communicate with different rooms that spend my time. There is more interaction with the environment now than ever before and the game feels more vibrant and interesting. Moy 7

You can now choose from more than 85 different games and activities As always, there are many games and ways to raise money Mini-games fall into four different categories – casual, arcade, racing and puzzle. There are also many creative activities such as playing the piano, drums or guitar. You can paint, paint books, manage zoos, plant flowers in your garden, protect patients from playing doctors, and spend more time!

This game is about taking care of your mother Help him brush his teeth, bathe him when he is dirty, tell him when to sleep, give him healthy food, exercise and play games with him. The more you take care of your mother, the more you will grow and be happy. Moy 7

The coins you collect from playing various mini-games can be spent buying new clothes, body colors, hairstyles or da ards for your wine. You can also spend money on decorating your home, buying fish for an aquarium, buying new animals for the zoo, buying ingredients to cook your own sweets, and more.


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