Moviebase Apk: Manage Movies & TV Shows


Moviebase Apk, Moviebase Apk: Manage Movies & TV Shows

Note: you cannot use Moviebase to watch movies

Moviebase is the most powerful exploration and tracking application for movies, series, seasons, episodes and actors in the largest community database TMDB. Access and use multimedia content from the movie database (TMDb), IMDb and Trakt.

Moviebase gives you flexibility and control, and you can customize your home screen with your own card categories.

Explore the world of movies and episodes
• Explore a large number of categories: television, trends, expectations, top marks and box office
• Browse our catalogs, such as Marvel Universe or Disney
• Open movies and TV shows on Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime via the app
• Know all the popular people
• Explore various better genres, such as theater and science fiction

Create your evening show
• Search for films, television series and actors in the largest community database
• Filter movies and TV shows by genre, year and rating
• Search the web and related genres
• Get personal recommendations based on your tastes

• Add the content you want to watch to the watch list and mark the content you have watched
• Save favorites as favorites
• Create your personalized list
• Check the next broadcast time on the calendar
• Sort the list by title, release date, average vote and recently added list
• View the progress of the episodes you are watching
• Get the next reading date and time
• Follow your beloved star on social media sites via the app
• Mark movies and TV shows you’ve watched
• Follow HBO, Fox, Disney and other TV channels

What do you need
• Read user reviews, reviews and opinions
• Visit high resolution gay posters, decorations and galleries
• Watch the latest trailer
• Understanding the distribution and the existing teams
• Other facts: duration, type, certification, published information, original title, country and company of production, network, income, budget

Connection service
• Synchronize your Trakt and TMDb data
• Use IMDB, Trakt and TMDB to open movies, TV shows, seasons or intrigue
• Share your content with friends
• Join TMDb to chat and contribute new content
• Save data on Trakt TV or import / export as a file

Intuitive design
• Theme: pearl white, shade and night
• Recognizable icons for movies and series you’ve seen
• Clean and efficient design


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