Mother simulator download No 1 Best App


mother simulator download, Mother simulator download No 1 Best App


Mother simulator download Be a great housewife in this simulator of mother and family life! Take care of the housekeeper, the cook and the family Make all your virtual families happy and content!

Keep your home clean and comfortable Chat with guests and use them with strawberry cakes or hot pizza slices Delicious food! Take care of the dog and keep the house warm. Mother simulator download

Open new doors and rooms in your home, where you can have a virtual family Explore and find new ways to communicate with family members

The game is a realistic simulator in a big house Here you can find more characters that need you and your help! Day by day you will face new activities, duties, funny situations and more Will you cope with the multitasking of the day-to-day life of mother and housewife? Mother simulator download

Customize the look of your character as you wish We have a lot of hairstyles and colors, clothes and skins, so give it a try and have fun!

Participate in a weekly challenge with unique prizes, where you will test your skills, prove that you deserve the title of “Quiet and Clever Mother” and make your virtual family proud of you. We will be happy to hear about your success in the Mother Simulator Challenge! Mother simulator download

Throw wood in the chimney to keep your house warm or fall on the ice floor. Keep your dog Listen to music Eat sushi or fresh fruit Make the game yourself a cup of coffee When everything is out of control, get angry, make another cup of coffee after it gets cold. Concentrated, lazy, happy mother or satanic mother These are your rules, your virtual world and your virtual family!

What we offer in the game “Mother Simulator: Family Life”:

  • skin and voice;
  • Imaginary jewelry for mother;
  • sensitive character according to his work;
  • Big virtual family with your needs and dreams;
  • Imitators of mother’s duties and activities – Prepare yourself for a real family life;
  • Weekly challenge with unique prizes and more


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