Monster park apkpure No 1 Best App


monster park apkpure, Monster park apkpure No 1 Best App


Monster park apkpure Mysterious creatures come to life!

Monster Park R brings big dinosaurs and other traditional monsters to the real world with augmented reality. The R effect makes the experience with the 4D dinosaur incredibly powerful and realistic. You can see Jurassic dinosaurs and other creatures roaming everywhere – in your home, backyard, or downtown.

Monster Park R – Real World Jurassic Dinosaur is a new augmented reality app that allows you to view and control incredible dinosaurs and other monsters with device cameras. Monster park apkpure

Enchanting and mysterious creatures immerse you in an enhanced real-world game environment where you can:

Looking at real-life creatures
Bring real dinosaurs to the real world
And follow the dinosaurs and other monsters and go together
Touch those monsters and see what happens
Change Skin Skin Dinosaurs
Listen to their ugly development
Make cool pictures and videos to wow your friends

Jurassic dinosaurs are among us! Monster park apkpure

Large dinosaurs reach the real world in the real world of Jurassic dinosaurs – with Monster Park R. When talking to ancient animals, you will not only be able to see so much in real life, but will also be able to direct and control their movements. Taste your 4D today, accept it, move in the direction you prefer or drop for a while.

Where did the Jurassic dinosaurs live when they saw a parallel universe? Be sure to open a portal, access it, and explore the incredible real world of dinosaurs with its amazing waterfalls and amazing nature.

Change your skin and design your own dinosaur Experiment with your monster, choose any skin pattern or color your skin. To change the skin of your dinosaur, find the desired texture, look at the device’s camera in it and tap ‘Scan’. Create a collection of unique monsters!

Create cool photos and videos while walking with augmented reality Save them from dinosaurs and share them with friends

How will 4D dinosaurs rule? Monster park apkpure

You can place the monster on any flat surface and make it any shape. Just tap anywhere on the display to direct your R dinosaur to that location. Kill the monster, kill again and see what happens

The main features of the Augmented Reality app are: Monster park apkpure

Other incredibly realistic looking dinosaurs and other terrifying 4D monsters (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Teranodonas, Triserotope, Scolopendra, etc.) that seem to be other unbelievable realists in the real world. *

Ain augmented reality to put a portal in the parallel universe of dinosaurs.

Walk with dinosaurs and monsters and control their movements (moving them in or out of different directions).

Various game modes to play with AR dinosaurs and creatures

Play funny pictures and videos of monsters to wow your friends or play kick shots on them.

Design your own dino by changing the skin

Resize the H monster

Amazing sound effects

T-Rex is available by default Other animals can be purchased if needed

More calm features and courtesy of the animals!

Are you ready to meet AR today?


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