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mobile sex games free download, mobile sex games free download No 1 Best Apk


Couples roulette is the best sex roulette game with 500+ dirty dares. It is the first sex game inspired from Kamasutra texts and guarantees a fun and naughty night.

❤ Sexy Game for Couples

Couples Roulette is a sexy game for couples, way ahead of all other available on the market. This game has been made with inputs from sex experts and we have made sure that you do not spend another boring night in bed. Rekindle that love fire amongst you or give birth to it for the first time.

Hand over your fortunes to our sex roulette wheel and let it do the rest. With 7 different naughty categories including Kiss, Touch, Lick, Playful, amongst many more, you are definitely in for a wild and naughty night.

🥂 Drinking Games for Couples

The naughty dares make sure that you start with the foreplay of dreams and finish with new innovative sex position and naughty pleasures. What’s more? It’s also drinking games for couples! Now comes the twist. For every dare that you (or your partner) refuse to do, you (or they) must take an alcoholic shot. You get 5 lives (shots) each and the first to run out of lives loses the sex game with the winner now getting the chance to demand whatever they want for the remaining night (whether it’s role play, or any fetish…whatever you like), apart from the bragging sex rights.

❤ Kamasutra

Kamasutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life. All the dirty dares of our sex game, whether it is related to naughty foreplay or advanced sex position, are inspired from the literature of Kamasutra.

❤ Adult games for Free

Couples Roulette has the largest collection of adult games for free. Try our adult games once and you will never have to find any other couple game to spice up your sex life. Couples Roulette has the best adult games for free. But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!

Want to spice things up a little more? Got some objects that can be used? Include objects that are available with you such as Whipped cream, ice cubes, blindfold, perfume, candle, etc. and see the dares become more and more naughty, dirty and spicy.

During the same sex gameno dares are repeated. So, there are more than enough dirty dares to make your night wild and naughty. You can play the sex game again and again and have a unique experience each time! New dirty and hot dares are added every month!

Couples Roulette is the best sexy game for couples out there. Download today and have the best evening of your life.

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