MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}


MLUAS APK Featured Forward Award is the most recent launching tool for the Flames. It is reliable to do it this way and is fully unparalleled to AG Injector ML provided by Aneh Gaming..

MLUAS APK, MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}

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You can also find new skins because the band is public. This is very good for you. It is extremely difficult to let leather cross-sections to get gold like diamonds to get out some of the larger armor. It’s a good time, yes, and you should be able to carry it to the bank.

All you have to do is get a lot of free products. Yes, with the MLUAS tools, you can get free costumes for the articles. You do not have to buy diamonds, but you need to be on top to clear the skin.

What is MLUAS APK?

MLUAS APK is the official Android storytelling tool for Android – Bang! Oh! Game MOBA. What you can do is provide another popular SKIN that sends the injection number to the game file.

This functionality does not require root access, and it is safe to use in your accounts. There are also some of the most popular clothing stores named in the bag purchased.

There are additional extensions for the MLUAS library, which can be used with the plug, don’t worry about internal updates. This tool was developed by Altlove Gaming, which has the same concept as IMLS but does not allow the option to change the code.

They use nature and power to control it. The version is available for all types of heroes, including Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, and Marksman. Choose your favorite game options and show them to your friends. We have the tools available for it.

We have another Tool for you to do the sameML Injector APK Download

Version Info

DeveloperAltlove Gaming
Size72.4 MB
Last updated1 day ago

Download MLUAS APK Latest Version for Mobile Legends

Ordering from our site is easy if you are familiar with our site. Here we have updated the MLUAS APK to the latest release functionality. We will also support the app’s recommendations, such as verifying if the app is compatible with disabling malware on Android devices.


MLUAS APK, MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}
mluas app home screenshot
MLUAS APK, MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}
mluas app available skins screenshot


  • Updates –This application is totally updated, and all the bugs and viruses are fixed. As well as it contains plenty of new features like new skin.
  • New skins – This feature helps you to get most of the outfits which are released by this team.
  • Ul– It is really simple to assess, and everything which you need is really available in this app.
  • Anti-ban – The application is anti-ban, and no record has been ever noticed or written down for this application. So you can safely use it wherever you want.
  • No root – No root is required, and there is no need to superuser assess on this application.
  • Vip section – There is a presence of VIP section, and all the skins which come under the category of VIP section are available for you, and that’s for free.
  • No login required – This application can be approached in a single tap, and there is no need to log in the application and provide all your details.
  • Limited permissions – The only problem of this application is that limited permission and only the storage permission is required to assist the memory of your phone.
  • All types of heroes – The skins for marksman, mage, assassin, fighter, and tank are added so you can choose the best hero you want to among many.

How to Install MLUAS APK on Android?

Step 1

First of all, you need to uninstall any old version you have installed on your Android devices.

Step 2

You need to download this application from the official page of our site.

Step 3

Once you do so, you need to head to the File Manager and click it open.

Step 4

Search MLUAS APK from your Gallery and click on it.

Step 5

Top on the installation procedure and wait until this application gets installed on your devices.

Step 6

Now, open the application and allow the storage permissions.

Step 7

You can enjoy the application.

How to unlock Skin on Mobile Legends using MLUAS App?

Step 1

First of all, open the application from the Android storage of applications.

Step 2

Tap on the window start icon, which might change really soon.

MLUAS APK, MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}
tap on tshirt icon to get hero types

Step 3

Tap on the T-shirt icon of the player.

MLUAS APK, MLUAS APK 1.8 Download Latest Version {2022}
tap on inject to get skin

Step 4

You will get a lot of heroes present.

Step 5

When done, you can select any hero of your choice and see all the skins available for that hero.

How to remove Injected Skin?

Step 1

First of all, you need to choose this game of your character.

Step 2

Click on it and inject backup.

Step 3

This step will remove all the files which are injected by any injected application.

Final Words

MLUAS APK is a great tool for opening mobile game skins to users who do not want to publish something like this, but I want to know how it works This tool and all its features. When you doubt the creator of this wonderful tool, use their YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe to your Gcash wallet app.

If you have any queries regarding the application, please contact us! We will try to answer your questions really fast. 

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