Mjoc2 No 1 Best App


mjoc2, Mjoc2 No 1 Best App

Mjoc2 You can easily record videos and share them socially and to your best.

You can choose the environment according to your interest and combine the letters into one environment then record your story very easily. Mjoc2

With this app you can create your own story, connect your friends and make a video in cartoonish way.

You can also customize your character according to your story

Features Features: – Mjoc2

  • Choose an environment
  • Select characters and customize
  • Add or change hairstyles and colors
  • Add and change mustard styles and colors
  • Add and change styles and colors
  • Add and change top fabrics and colors
  • Add or change pants style and color
  • Add assets (clocks, chains, caps, etc.)
  • Change the color of the body
  • Create a baby or baby character
  • Change voice style (men, women, children, etc.)
  • Add animation (dance, yes, no, etc.)


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