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miui 10 camera apk with portrait mode Mi 10 Camera – Camera for Xiaomi Mi 10 … the best professional and free photo camera. The Mi 10 camera HD is inspired by the MI 10 camera and adds many useful features. With the Mi 10 camera, you can enjoy many great camera b features with the MI 10 camera.

Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 11, 11 Preview and Recording, Intelligent Shooting Mode, Real-Time Funny Effects, Appropriate Quality for Image-In-Picture Implementation, when multiple cameras are connected to popular social networking sites and quick selfie cameras There is a share Selfie camera for Mi 9 / Mi 10 is the best camera application that you can get for your phone.

MIUI 11 Camera – Cool Live Art Sticker, Beauty Cam, Amazing Filter and Camera for Professional Mode with Xiaomi Mi 10, you can easily share your photo on social network by converting it to painting. You can show your friends that you have good cameras like the Xiaomi Mi 10, Redmi Note 8, Mi 9 .. ..!

MiUI 11 Camera – Selfie camera for Xiaomi Mi 10 brings very good standard professional photos. Visual optimization brings the most professional animated photos

Selfie Camera for Mi 10 Camera: Camera Features for Xiaomi Mi 10 Features Features miui 10 camera apk with portrait mode

💝 Mi 10 beauty camera sticker
Ies Mi 11 Camera for Beauty Selfie Free 100+ Emoji Camera Stickers and Motion Stickers and Photo Stickers and Makeup Stickers.
✦ Mi 10 Camera Beauty Makeup Photo Stickers Editor has hairstyles, necklaces, earrings camera stickers.

💝 Real Time Selfie Filters – Photo Editor App
I Mi 10 camera with more selfie stickers, super cute animals and selfie camera motion stickers.
The camera for X Xiaomi Mi 9 / Mi 10 is designed with various photo filters, the beauty is designed for beauty camera selfie with beautiful makeup.

Motion stickers and live filters
Selfie camera for Redmi 8 Pro with photo sticker maker provides real time face filter and live filter and motion sticker and photo sticker.
The Photo M 6x Camera is made with Dashahara Live Filter, Photo Sticker, Live Sticker, Motion Sticker!

ଟୋ Photo filters and effects
The selfie camera photo editor suit with various filters on the Mi 10 camera is free for various photo effects! Enlarge images by adding photo filters and effects

Other Features Features miui 10 camera apk with portrait mode

  • The Mi 11 camera supports real-time live art stickers, emoji stickers and R filters to take cool and funny photos or videos.
  • Support HDR mode, it will help you take better photos
  • Zoom or move the shutter button left and right to zoom
  • The MIUI 11 camera has 200+ professional filters with a random filter and also has a filter store to provide other advanced filters.
  • Mi 10 camera support consists of skin tone, colorful lips, big eyes, face lift and so on.
  • The Mi 10 camera has a mask sticker for taking beauty and fun selfies.
  • The Mi X camera has cool seal stickers and watermarks
  • Amazing filters and filter stores
  • The Shoton MI10 camera supports photo editor crop and rotation photos.
  • Mi X Photo Editor Photo Adjustment: Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and Sound.
  • The Mi X photo editor may contain MIUI 11 doodles and text
  • Amazing backgrounds, fonts and tags
  • Tilt-shift and Vignette
  • Professional Mode: ISO, White Balance, Scene Mode, Exposure Compensation Adjustment, etc.
  • The camera supports silent capture mode for Mi 6x
  • Supports MIUI 11 cameras with volume support to take selfie cameras.
  • Redmi 8 camera support timer and explosion shot
  • Mi 11 Camera Support Resolution Adjustment for Camera and Video.

Note to all:

  • Android ™ Google, Inc. Is a registered trademark
  • The MiUI 11 camera is inspired by the MI 10 camera, it is not the official MI 10 camera.

Permission required:

  1. Camera permission: Take photos and videos
  2. Access SD card: Manage photos, albums
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